Author: Jennifer Aniston

Wear Jeans

Try to imagine a worldwithout jeans.Exactly, our mind is not capable of assimilating it and just wonders what we would do?How would we dress our day to day?Obviously there are many options: skirts, dresses,trousers… But there is nothing as effective asjeans.They marry all the garments, adapt to all styles and areable to transform our lookaccording […]

Glitter Boots of Chanel

We know thatbloggers,influencers,street stylersandfashion insiders- every year there are new terms to name this collective of the world of fashion -receive many giftsthroughout the weeks, although last monththe lucky onesreceived a very wassigned by Chaneland it was a glitter boots that caused a sensation atParis Fashion Week.The question is, who combines them best?

Have you ever wondered how women got hold of dresses before the rise of ready-to-wear hit our shops? If they werent adept at dressmaking themselves then they would have employed a dressmaker to do it for them. These dressmakers would copy the latest fashions from Paris or London which they would get from paper pictures […]

H & M's favorite dress

A few months ago we have seen how the shirt stopped being that classic and boring garment to start experimenting with its shapes,volumesand fabrics.Puffed sleeves, asymmetries and endless possibilities made this garment renew and become a favorite. H & Mis featured inthis Fall 2017and presents us with amazing designs.To present these designs, the brand has […]

Dresses Collection Autumn

Autumn is just around the cornerand therefore the new collections come to the shops.We began to see how the most economic firms havere-interpretedwhat they saw on the catwalks and the big fashion brands start to market what they have already loved more than one a few months ago.It is clear thatthe mauve, lilac or whatever […]