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Highly Preppy collection

Highly Preppy is one of those companies that make the difference with their looks. The brand has held a parade to present us the Spring-Summer 2018 collection but we are left with its beautiful campaign images where you can appreciate the dresses, protagonist garment, inspired by a fairy tale. You have them for all tastes, from the most delicate to the […]

Pajama shirts

The pajama shirts have become one of the craziest trends. Surprisingly it is a sophisticated and elegant garment in its most sensual version, but there is also room for fine striped models in different and daring proposals, ideal for casual style day looks. What is clear is that the clothes of being at home have a double life (and use). When to show each of them?

Fashion Dresses

If, with the change of season, you have taken advantage of the closet cleaning, you have surely faced a dilemma: I throw this dress that is several years old or I leave it just in case? The bottom of wardrobe can take us out of many difficulties, luckily, there are clothes that are eternal, that you take them back […]

Wear Jeans

Try to imagine a worldwithout jeans.Exactly, our mind is not capable of assimilating it and just wonders what we would do?How would we dress our day to day?Obviously there are many options: skirts, dresses,trousers… But there is nothing as effective asjeans.They marry all the garments, adapt to all styles and areable to transform our lookaccording […]

H & M's favorite dress

A few months ago we have seen how the shirt stopped being that classic and boring garment to start experimenting with its shapes,volumesand fabrics.Puffed sleeves, asymmetries and endless possibilities made this garment renew and become a favorite. H & Mis featured inthis Fall 2017and presents us with amazing designs.To present these designs, the brand has […]

Dresses Collection Autumn

Autumn is just around the cornerand therefore the new collections come to the shops.We began to see how the most economic firms havere-interpretedwhat they saw on the catwalks and the big fashion brands start to market what they have already loved more than one a few months ago.It is clear thatthe mauve, lilac or whatever […]