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If you’re fairly new to making your own clothes then choosing fabric for clothes is the most important first step in sewing a garment. Picking the wrong choice can mean a very unsuccessful and frustrating project which might put you off future projects. Fortunately, there are usually a few right fabric options for any pattern, […]

11 Zara clothing

Rebates are coming to an end, the new season invades all stores but now is the perfect time to find bargains. Zara has always been very loyal to sales periods so tomorrow will end discounts and with them the opportunity to make us in clothes that can take advantage of the last days of summer […]

Bikinis have been here so long that it’s hard to imagine not having them in our selection of swimsuits. Even historians will tell you that the Romans celebrated this style with illustrations of Roman women wearing garments that looked like bikinis when they competed in athletic events. It was a French engineer Louis Rard who […]

What to wear?

Small survival guide for girls with fair skin, here’s what can or cannot wear. If you are in this article is because at least once in your life have you heard say “but why never tan a little ‘you look like a corpse?“. Incidentally, the light-skinned girls do not tan maximum stain and even forever.