Exclusive 2016, the Eco-friendly collection5

Ecology, fashion and art come together to create a collection inspired by the most significant pieces of the last three centuries of the history of haute couture, reinterpreted in a modern way by the low cost brand. Artistic, contemporary, sustainable. The new collection H & M Conscious Exclusive 2016 is all enclosed in these three […]

Lace Up

Lace up the shoes, which have dominated the catwalks of fashion month, are the real must-have this season. Gone are the days utopian Cinderella’s glass slipper, women today wants not only elegance but also grit to their feet. To fulfill their wishes is not the fairy godmother, but the creativity of designers and like magic […]

dress like a celebrity

Have you always wanted to dress like your favorite style icon? In many cases, brands low cost and other firms average price, offer us very similar, perfect for models to copy the style of our girls preferred. One of the great successes of style of our celeb is precisely that, in combining expensive clothes with […]

Essentials of the closet

Whether to go to theoffice,stay with friendsor a romantic date.There are clothes in the closet that alwaysare a wild card, and when that happens the categorize of essential.In addition,they do not understand agesand are ideal for girls ranging from 20-70 (say).Here areinvestments that we do if we want to builda background of perfect closetand ideal […]

Dress in style

It’s over! You do not have to stay that trendy envy! So be good… Now you can wear a personal image consistent and attractive, like all those fabulous women that you admire so much. “If? And how I do, Marisol! Because I try, but I did not approach me “Pay attention to the following aspects…