Dress in style

It’s over! You do not have to stay that trendy envy! So be good… Now you can wear a personal image consistent and attractive, like all those fabulous women that you admire so much. “If? And how I do, Marisol! Because I try, but I did not approach me “Pay attention to the following aspects…

Fashionable Bags

Straight from New York shows the latest trends in handbags for fall-winter 2016-17. What makes the difference in an outfit is the accession par excellence:the bag. From the catwalks of New York comes the latest trends for next fall. Next season starring the materials and the most different models. There is no excuse for any, […]

exchange dresses

Exchanging clothes with your best friend, more often, it leads to the furious quarrel.Here are some practical tips to avoid them… Among best friends we often swap clothes, especially during important (when you have to meet a man) and one of the two called each other by saying: “I have nothing to wear, can I […]

What to wear?

Small survival guide for girls with fair skin, here’s what can or cannot wear. If you are in this article is because at least once in your life have you heard say “but why never tan a little ‘you look like a corpse?“. Incidentally, the light-skinned girls do not tan maximum stain and even forever.