It always seems to us that the tube skirt or white shirt are formal garments, reserved for the office or for special occasions. We tend to forget that everything depends on the prism with which we look or, in this case, the clothes with which we combine. Do you want to know how to spend […]

If you’re fairly new to making your own clothes then choosing fabric for clothes is the most important first step in sewing a garment. Picking the wrong choice can mean a very unsuccessful and frustrating project which might put you off future projects. Fortunately, there are usually a few right fabric options for any pattern, […]

Mango Premium collection

Mango tends to fill its clothing stores with simpler and more functional clothes, but this time it has taken a very avant-garde collection from the top, in which it manages many of the most complicated trends of the season, such as shirts with ruffles, the pants gathered at the waist and the sandals with socks. […]

Mambo D&G

Each season Dolce & Gabbana surprises with its limited edition collection of glasses. This year the Mambo collection is the one in charge of putting our long teeth with their jewels of retro style. Designs that are a true tribute to Sicilian opulence, and to the joyful tropical world, in music and dance.