We have many important moments in life. Whether this is turn 16 or 18, leaving home for university, buying our first car or house and getting married and having children of our own. There are traditional ways to celebrate some of these life moments. Some include family parties and others special gifts. Each family will also have its own traditions that they will want to bring into the mix as well as those cultural traditions we all inherently carry around with us.

Diamond eternity rings are something of beauty, and are often bought for a special occasion but what occasions warrant buying a diamond eternity ring?


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Engagement rings are traditionally given by one partner to another. They symbolise the love between two people and their intention to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. In the past engagements were much simpler affairs with the man usually asking the ladys father for permission before getting down on one knee to ask her to marry him. Gold was the metal of choice in the past with silver and white gold becoming the new tradition. Engagement parties are becoming much more popular nowadays with couples often getting engaged and then holding a large party with food and music to celebrate with their friends and family.

Diamond Anniversary Married 60 years

Another time when it may be appropriate to buy a diamond ring is for a 60th wedding anniversary as this anniversary is traditionally celebrated with diamonds. This anniversary is kept for an elite few. With people waiting longer and longer to get married and many people now marrying more than once the instances of diamond wedding anniversaries is depleting. This only adds to the importance of celebrating these moments.

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21st Birthday

Traditionally on your 21st birthday you are presented with a key. This originally was given as a symbol of opening the door to adulthood and that they were old enough to afford a house and get married and would now be considered a senior member of the household. In American turning 21 marks the ability to be able to drink and purchase alcohol. In the UK the birthday is much more symbolic, and more people are turning to jewellery to mark this occasion. In the UK 16th and 18th birthdays are celebrated more traditionally with a big party.

40th Birthday

A 40th birthday is also seen as a time of celebration. This is often celebrated with a party and renewal of the idea that you are still young and many people start to look at their lifestyle and ways they can start to look after themselves a bit more following on from partying in your 20s and possibly making a career and/or starting a family in your 30s.

Whatever the reason receiving a diamond ring is always a magical moment.