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When it comes to deciding what to wear on a first date you can be faced with a hundred different choices, all very dependent on the activity that you are going to be doing as well as the time of year. Here we give some of our top ideas for dress for a first date.

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Trousers – wearing formal suit trousers may be too much for a first date but you might not want to wear your favourite pair of ripped jeans either. Some nice tailored trousers or a pair of stylish non-ripped jeans are a great choice.

Tops – you can’t beat a good shirt and with some many different options out there you are sure to find something that will be stylish yet comfortable and that will show off your personality. The type of activity that you are doing will determine whether you opt for a short or long sleeved shirt and whether you go for a cotton or linen material.

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Jumpers – when going on a first date in the colder months you should always take a nice jumper such as Mens Aran Sweaters with you. Not only will this keep you warm in the cooler weather but you could even offer you chosen Mens Irish Aran Sweaters to your date at the end of the evening if it turns a little chilly. What woman doesn’t love a man that thinks about her comfort!