Why Knitting is Becoming so Popular

Knitting is something that we traditionally associate with an old lady sitting in an armchair. If you ever picture in your mind what a typical knitter looks like, this is probably the image that you will get. However, knitting is something that is fast becoming popular with younger people and the Olympic diver Tom Daley is just one of many younger people who have spoken about their love of knitting.

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Knitting is a creative hobby and one that is easy to get into. First of all it is not something that costs a lot of money and requires a lot of expensive equipment. You can get much of what you need readily from craft and fabric supply shops as well as shops online like these knitting kits //www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits

If you have a look around, you can likely get things for even cheaper if you know where to buy second hand items from. Charity shops and car boot sales can be a treasure trove for bargain hunting knitters.

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Knitting is also a really useful hobby to have. As well as getting enjoyment from the actual process of knitting, you can also create things for you, and for your family and friends that can be used, such as blankets and clothing. The more you learn, the more things you will be able to make, and you can knit yourself your own unique clothing if you want to.

Knitting is also great for your health. It is well known in fact for alleviating feelings of anxiety, something that many people suffer with throughout life. You can become absorbed in what you are doing which means the brain can focus on that and start to calm down. The way it does this is similar to how mindfulness works – you forget about the other things that are going on and focus on what you are doing with your needles and yarn.

Knitting is also something that you can do pretty much wherever you want. Whether you are going on a long train journey or are going to be going away on holiday, it is really easy to take with you wherever you go and do it, as well as being something that you can do when you are at home.

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