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Yellow nail polish

March 8 is approaching, bringing an air of spring and solidarity between all women in the world, united and proud of their sex. International Women’s Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the economic, political, and social achievements achieved during our history, without forgetting the fight against the abuses, discrimination, and violence that we are […]

Blue hair

The first to dye her hair blue was the actress  Lucia Bose . In unsuspected times. It was the 90s, she was over 60 (and she was still beautiful as a former Miss Italy that she is!), And she probably wouldn’t have imagined that her risque choice twenty years later would prove to be visionary. […]

goth makeup

The goth culture requires a particular make-up, with dark tones. Here are some tips to make it happen With the term  goth  (in Gothic Italian) we mean a set of different subcultures, but at times united in music, aesthetics and fashion most often with clothing, makeup and dark hair  . All goth culture revolves around […]

how to treat hair scalp

There are many reasons why scalp dehydrates. At the same time, there are many ways to solve the problem. The sebaceous glands of the skin produce oil and sebum to lubricate the skin. Try to take care of your hair. Sometimes, the scalp can drastically reduce sebum production, which makes it itchy and irritated. The […]

how to remove semi permanent nail polish

A trend that has been going on for years and which, in fact, is enjoying ever-increasing success, is that of semi-permanent nail polish. This represents a valid compromise between totally natural and fake nails, or reconstructed ones. However, a small problem can arise when it is necessary to remove this particular polish. But don’t worry: […]