Yellow nail polish

Yellow nail polish – the color on the nails you like

March 8 is approaching, bringing an air of spring and solidarity between all women in the world, united and proud of their sex. International Women’s Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the economic, political, and social achievements achieved during our history, without forgetting the fight against the abuses, discrimination, and violence that we are still forced to suffer.

How and when to wear Yellow nail polish?

The flower that symbolizes this holiday is the beautiful Mimosa : lively and spirited, just like women. Why? On March 8, 1908 in New York, 129 workers were tragically killed in a fire, just as they protested the undignified conditions they were forced to work. It seems that a large Mimosa plant grew near the factory; hence the choice of the flower, one of the few that has already blossomed in March. This date was also adopted to celebrate the day dedicated to women.

If yellow is the master color of this holiday, why not wear it on your nails too? An unusual shade, which we rarely have the opportunity to wear; combined with the third Chakra (located under the sacrum, it generally represents sexual activities) it is the symbol of light and the sun , of knowledge and energy. Its liveliness immediately makes you think of hot days, spent outdoors among flowers, meadows and laughter. The yellow nail polish fits perfectly with daytime outfits, coating the hands with a lively elegance. A warm shade that will certainly not go unnoticed, perfect to complete the look of March 8th . What are the most original yellow manicure for spring?

French and Nail Art with Yellow Nail Polish

Yellow nail polish

Do you want to try the Yellow Nail Polish without losing that classic touch that distinguishes you? Try the revisited French Manicure! Equip yourself with adhesive bezels to perfectly design your look and proceed as usual. In this case, the half-moons on the upper part of the nail must be strictly dyed yellow instead of white. Are you looking for an extra idea? Try the French Reverse, or the other way around, applying the yellow enamel from the regrowth and leaving the bezels bare.

Semi-permanent Yellow

Dark enamels have the defect of chipping easily; hands with untidy nails are not very refined and of poor aesthetic taste; fortunately, the Yellow Smalt is less likely to have this problem. However, in order not to give up an impeccable look at any time, try applying it in the semi-permanent version. Your manicure will stay intact for a long time, without getting damaged. Greenlight for decorations, patterns, and designs.

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