CCTV Drain Surveys: Benefits And Applications

With drain and sewer blockages on the rise, a new, non-intrusive method for surveyance has been developed: CCTV drain surveys. But what exactly are they?
What are CCTV drain surveys?

For typical instances of blocked drains, teams of workers are needed for excavation and opening up pipes in hopes of finding the issue. CCTV drain surveys cut out all the probabilities and find the problem in advance.

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The system is quite simple. A controllable camera, which can easily navigate and locate issues with precision, is inserted into the drain. The footage is then reviewed, enabling workers to ascertain the blockage location and set up a far more controlled removal. You can see one in action here on this youtube video.

CCTV services are becoming more widespread, but those looking for a CCTV drain survey Wolverhampton can find options online, such as at

Benefits and Applications

As previously mentioned, precision is one of the best perks of this method. Drain problems can lead to excessive digging in the surrounding area, causing all kinds of mess and racket. The drain surveys can easily identify blockages without the disruption of other services.

Of course, a drain doesn’t have to be fully blocked to warrant a survey. If you suspect a build-up, a survey can be done to identify and prevent future blockages, as well as monitor the quality of the drain in general, such as damaged pipes.

Time and money, two of the most valuable assets in any service, are both saved substantially by this method. A precise, targeted plan for removal helps workers get done quickly and doesn’t inconvenience homeowners nearly as much, while also boasting a lower cost compared to large-scale excavation.

Of course, there’s also the environmental consideration. With large blockages affecting many homes, excavation can damage habitats and vegetation and cause unhealthy emissions from machinery.

Noise pollution is another consideration, with frequent digging that would otherwise disturb the community no longer being an issue.

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CCTV drain surveys are not only available if you have a blocked drain – anyone can use the service to help find potential problems and ease their mind.

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