How do I find my exact family crest?

Crests for Every Occasion: Beyond Family Heritage.

Picture this: I’m at a Renaissance fair with my best friend, who’s been fascinated with the idea of family crests for months. We’re browsing through a stall filled with gleaming shields and embroidered banners when she turns and asks, “Hey, do you think we could design our crests? Not just for families, but to represent our values and the things we love most.”

That moment sparked my curiosity. Crests have a rich history rooted in lineage and heraldry, but can they be so much more in the modern world? As a blogger based in sunny Florida, I was determined to find out.

What Are Crests? A Journey Through History

Let’s begin with the basics:

  • Definition: A crest is a heraldic symbol that sits atop a coat of arms. Traditionally, crests were worn by knights on their helmets as a way to identify themselves on the battlefield.
  • History: Crests became popular during the Middle Ages, a time of knights in shining armor and grand tournaments. They were a powerful way for families to showcase their status, achievements, and values.
  • Significance: The elements of a crest – animals, colors, shapes, mottos – each held symbolic meaning. For instance, a lion might represent courage, an eagle nobility, and a crescent moon could denote hope and renewal.

What does crest mean in medieval times?

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Crests in the Modern World – Beyond Tradition

While steeped in tradition, the concept and symbolism of crests can be adapted and revitalized for the 21st century.

  • Personal Empowerment: Crests can become powerful symbols of individuality. They can represent our core values, passions, and even life milestones. Imagine a crest that reflects a love of nature, a commitment to social justice, or the pursuit of a lifelong dream.
  • Community and Identity: Crests can forge a sense of belonging in groups and organizations. Think sports teams, charities, clubs, or even online communities. A shared crest can represent unity, shared goals, and a sense of collective identity.
  • Branding with a Twist: Businesses and brands can embrace the power of crests to add a touch of heritage and authenticity to their messaging. Crests can be incorporated into logos, packaging, and marketing materials to create a unique visual identity that stands out.

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FAQs About Crests

Let’s dive into some common questions:

  • Q: Do I need to have a family crest to create my own?
  • A: Absolutely not! Anyone can design a crest to represent themselves, their values, or any group they’re passionate about.
  • Q: Are there rules I need to follow?
  • A: Traditional heraldry had strict rules, but modern crests offer freedom of expression. Choose symbols meaningful to you, even if they break with convention.
  • Q: How do I design a crest?
  • A: Start by brainstorming symbols, colors, and potential mottos that resonate with you. You could use online generators or work with a graphic designer who specializes in heraldry.

Pro Tips – Design a Crest That Reflects YOU

Now for the fun part, here’s some expert advice:

  • Tap into Your Passions: What gets you fired up? Is it travel, music, social change, or helping animals? Let your passions guide the design of your crest.
  • Explore Symbolism: Dive into the world of symbolism. Research the meanings behind animals, objects, and colors. For example, an owl might symbolize wisdom, a compass adventure, and the color green could represent growth.
  • Keep it Simple (At First): Don’t overwhelm your crest with too many elements. A few meaningful symbols will have more impact than a cluttered design. You can always add complexity later.
  • Words Matter: A well-chosen motto can further reinforce the meaning of your crest. Consider words that capture your aspirations or a guiding principle.


Crests are more than just relics of the past. They offer a potent way to express our passions, values, and shared identities. Whether you design a crest for yourself, a community, or your small business, embrace the legacy of crests while weaving in your own unique story. As for me? Inspired by my friend at the Renaissance fair, I’m dreaming up a crest with a blooming orange tree (a nod to Florida!), a typewriter, and the motto: “Stories Seek the Sun.”

Now, it’s your turn. What will your crest look like?

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