Winter shoes for flat women

For many women who are less than 160cm tall, creating a winter outfit that would make them look taller is a real challenge. I have good news for you – just a pair of the right shoes! What are the ideal flat women’s shoes for the coldest time of the year? Despite appearances, you are not condemned exclusively to super high heels.

Winter shoes for flat women – with or without heels?

The common belief is that short stature requires high heels. However, blindly following this rule can have a grotesque effect. The important thing is to keep the proportions. Sure, a short woman with six-inch heels will be taller, but she might feel like she’s walking on stilts. The secret lies in being able to optically slim the legs and silhouette.

So which winter shoes for flat women are the best? A 5-7 cm heel is enough. It doesn’t have to be stiletto – wide heels or wedges will also be perfect for this task, much more comfortable.

Ankle boots or boots for low women – which ones to choose?

Both of these footwear models are the most popular choice for winter. But which ones to choose if you are not very tall? Both are fine – but it all depends on the right model and color, as well as the length of the upper.

The best boots for a short person are those that come just below the knee and snug against the legs. So, you will look great with knee-high boots (in this article you will find out how to combine them) and with high heeled boots. Avoid mid-calf models – this type of boots emphasize the widest part of the leg, which makes them appear shorter and wider. Over-the-knee boots are fine too, but provided you have slim legs.

And which ankle boots will be better if you are short? Especially those with heels, even the lowest. The ankle boots are a shoe model that loves to shorten the legs, so the salvation is the heels. Also, avoid rich decorations and massive elements (eg plateau) – they can optically “lower” the silhouette. It is also important that they do not end at the ankle – in which case they emphasize this fairly wide point.

White ankle boots combined with white trousers optically streamline the legs.

What winter shoes for flat women? Color matters

While it may seem irrelevant, the hue of the shoes you choose for winter can also lower or lengthen the silhouette. It all depends on the colors of the rest of the outfit. High boots for low women is better to choose in classic and muted shades – black, gray, beige or brown. Instead, as regards the ankle boots, they must be matched to the color of the tights or trousers you will wear. The contrasting colors optically lower the silhouette.

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