How to match white pants in winter: here are all the suggestions

Beautiful, very elegant and always trendy: white trousers cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Find out how you can match white pants without making mistakes.

You bought them and then closed them in the closet without ever putting them on. Don’t worry, it happened to everyone! The white pants are a leader as beautiful as difficult to match. Let’s find out some combinations that will help us wear them without fear!

Matching white pants: shoes and jackets that always work!

With the arrival of winter wearing white pants becomes more and more complicated!

This garment, in fact, works very well both in summer and in spring: have you seen which are all the most popular models for this year?

If white trousers are your favorite and our tips for the warm season have worked, why not try the ones for the … autumn season too?

Let’s try with black

Seeing is believing: the strong contrast works perfectly with white pants!

Black and white are a classic combination, extremely elegant and with which you cannot go wrong.

Be careful to wear items that do not have explosions of color, excessive writing, or too many light points! Studs or plain colors

are fine.

For a comfortable outfit: black jacket and boots, as in the photo, make your look carefree without being heavy.

For a more elegant outfit: a black sweater and high-heeled shoes make your look refined without overdoing it.

Or total white!

Are you afraid to try a full white look? No fear! The total white look is one of the most elegant and chic! Obviously, you have to know how to do it without errors.

To make this look perfect you will need to focus on the accessories.

For a comfortable outfit: white shoes and pants are fine if to break, you introduce a fun element like a colorful sock in the photo above. Choose tops in the same color as the pants or try to play it down with an oversized sweatshirt: if you don’t know how to wear it, here are all the suggestions! You can coordinate socks, belt, or bag or add a touch of color with a mini bag (did you know they are the new trend in bags? )

For an elegant outfit: pay attention to the volumes!

For baggy trousers, it is absolutely forbidden to wear oversized sweaters or shirts!

Preferite jeans or skinny pants and played with the transparencies or, on the contrary, choose pants distressed (with tearing or other elements) and top structured for the part above.

The shoes must be with a high heel or with a particular design, to break the feeling of excessive continuity given by the same color.

Jeans: the answer to match white pants!

Another element that goes perfectly with white trousers is the denim shirt.

You can choose a wide and light-colored model, as in the photo, or opt for one of the classic narrower ones with a darker color.

For a comfortable outfit: Wear a light denim shirt and color-matched sneakers at the top of your outfit.

Enrich everything with accessories : choose bright colors but small accessories! Belts, clips, bags, socks, and so on and so forth!

For an outfit elegant: choose a shirt of jeans that both adherent and play with the accessories! A brown belt, a high-heeled shoe perhaps in camel or golden tones and that’s it!

To match the white trousers there are still many other combinations that you can try!

The warm brown, of the ‘tone gold or pastel colors are all elements that blend well with the boss and you can propose without fear even in winter.

And, if colors are your strength, how about trying our tips for wearing red?

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