Why and How to Wear a Crew Neck Sweater

Not merely a staple of teachers and suburban dads any longer, the sweater is a fashion forward favourite. Versatile, stylish, perfect for a business meeting or a night out with friends, the sweater is a go-to style item. So, a sweater is an essential, but what’s the best way to wear one?

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Why a Crew Neck?

The crew neck is the most common kind of sweater sold and first originated as an undergarment to absorb the sweat of American football players. That’s what makes them such a great addition to a winter wardrobe. They sit along the collarbone, giving an unobtrusive line when layering, making it ideal under jackets or over shirts.

Whether you wear a mens crew neck Aran sweater, a cotton fleece, or one of Merino wool, a crew neck will fit snuggly under outer garments for maximum versatility.

How To Wear a Crew Neck

A crew neck works best as light knitwear, allowing for easy layering. Whether it’s hot or not, you can layer up or layer down, adding a jacket or wearing the sweater instead of a jacket.

Create a business casual look by matching a cotton sweater in a simple colour with a blazer in a striking contrasting colour, long sleeve tee, and a pair of chinos. As a crew neck tends to be more casual, this will make a dressy but laidback look that is warm and inviting.

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To fully dress up, take a Merino wool crew neck sweater, a slim fit suit in blue, navy, or black, a patterned dress shirt and matching dress accessories like a pocket square, belt, and a sharp pair of brogues or Chelsea boots.

One of the best things about a crew neck sweater is layering it up for a casual and comfortable look. Take a mens crew neck Aran sweater, such as this: https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-crew-neck-aran-sweater, a cool t-shirt, a bomber jacket, jeans and a pair of sneakers. Match it with a wool stocking cap and you’ve got an outfit ready for a night out on the town or ideal for a date.

A crewneck sweater can be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet, working just as well with a suit and boots as jeans and trainers. With unmatched versatility, a crewneck sweater is perfect for creating a timeless casual look.

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