Match the mens shirt

6 ways to match the men’s shirt

The shirt is a must have, everyone should have in the wardrobe of both women and men. Here is how to match the model to the cabinet stolen men with style…

The man’s shirt bonkers all womankind, for that very often tend to steal it from the male wardrobe. If you want to commit this theft, there are rules to follow. First,we must not take a step any, should be neither too large nor too small, but it has to be a size that even blatant, enhances the curves of a woman.

Match the mens shirt
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Depending on what not to choose colors or too dark, saw the arrival of spring, neither too log on, but colors that are in our way. This garment must know how to wear, as well as not all men are born with same fashion, the same goes for women.

Here are six ways to wear it with style…


One of the ways to match the man’s shirt is to wear it with jeans stood very high waist and put the shirt inside blatant. The end result will be very chic. To complete the look, you can choose to wear or sneakers or high heels, depending on the occasion.

Camicione beach

The men’s shirt can also be used as a cover-up for the beach, you can decide if you combine it with a belt and a bit or not.

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Even with a skirt is perfect; simply choose a model fitting and short. Care must be taken to fantasies, if the shirt you stole your he is very colorful best to use a solid skirt.

Match the mens shirt
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Crop Top

For a look a bit more casual you leave open shirt and under show off a fantastic crop top with opposite tones than the shirt. Complete the outfit with high-waisted shorts.


If the shirt is a bit long, especially if it is not too clear, you can even use it as a dress maybe combining it with the boots.


You can use the shirt, if it is really too big, even jacket, wearing it with or under a sweater or a simple t-shirt, of course must remain botanist.

Are so many ways to be able to show off a male shirt, you just have a little imagination and lots of good taste?

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