Diorskin Forever

Complexion perfection, thanks to makeup Diorskin Forever

Complexion perfection is a complexion that remains uniform, matt (no shine) A unified smooth skin texture. A perfect complexion, to remain so throughout the day That’s what we dream of all women.

And to give us that perfection, Dior, is inspired by professional makeup artists to offer the ritual Diorskin Forever, three – step routine that revolves around the new fluid makeup Diorskin Forever, base, more background makeup, and loose powder over.

As picture, Dior has chosen Natalie Portman, one of the muses of Maison indispensable to embody the perfect complexion Diorskin Forever.

Diorskin Forever
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Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear

In the first step of the ritual, we apply the pre-base Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear which is responsible for laying the foundations for a lasting makeup.

It is almost imperceptible, instantly blurs the texture of the skin and reduces pores and imperfections. It also promotes the adhesion of background makeup remains flawless skin until evening.

Thanks to its ingredients treatment, beautifies the skin, so that the degree of perfection day after day is exceeded.

Diorskin Forever

The next step is Diorskin Forever, a foundation with a matt effect of matter and long-term correction finish. It lasts 16 hours, guarantees perfect coverage and a feeling of exceptional comfort on the skin.

It is smooth, but not greasy, it adapts to the face and slightly blurred to perfection. As applied, the Activ-Mat complex incorporates helps regulate brightness and corrects without mask effect, thanks to the duo of complementary powders, matte effect and fader.

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Powders matte effect, acting on the brightness with a drying effect guarantees a velvet matte finish. And the diffusers powders, contribute to retract light to illuminate the matte finish.

We have 12 colors, from lighter to darker, to find the one that best fits our skin tone and get a unified and perfect finish. Day after day, the skin texture is refined, its surface sublimates.

Diorskin Forever
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Diorskin Forever & EverControl

The finishing touch after applying the liquid foundation background, loose powders Diorskin Forever & Ever Control, which is responsible for ensuring the complexion matte appearance throughout the day. Its translucent shade and very light texture, matter has no effect on the skin or drying effect.

Thanks to brush (kabuki) containing to apply, and elastic grid, the powders are easily deposited uniformly on the face. It also optimizes the fixing and makeup finish.

Sculpt Diorblush

To complete a perfect complexion after Diorskin Forever, you can do it with the first Dior Rouge (Diorblush Sculpt) to outline and will also allow us to easily correct the structure and volumes of the face.

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