Steps for eyeliner

Learn all the steps for eyeliner like a professional, and achieve a stunning effect on your eyes.

Techniques for eyeliner

To look up a sensational, day or night, you can follow these steps to outline the eyes. Using the color, material and correct technique will achieve a greater impact with your appearance, draw attention to your eyes, bigger, sexier or more mysterious present, and only in mind these tips.

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Choose the correct liner

It is important to know which of the three types of eyeliner eye works best for the staining technique you want to look. You can choose the pencil, which is suitable for everyday general use, the gel, ideal for faded and delineated deeper, and liquid, somewhat more difficult to use for the first time, but can achieve stunning effects.

Then you need to know to choose the color for eyeliner. Independent tone for the rest of your makeup, eyeliner achieves different effects on your eyes.

  • The black is more specific, deep and daring
  • Gray gives a more subtle and elegant appearance
  • Brown (coffee) is more subtle and integrates better to the eyelid
  • White manages to highlight the light of the look (but better use it only in the line of the lower eyelid)
  • Blue is most striking and suitable for artistic and night makeup
  • Natural looks a lower eyelid inflammation and greater vitality in his eyes (this also should be used only in the lower eyelid)
  • The bright colors are stunning and great for makeup parties

Steps for eyeliner

Apply eyeliner with the foundation and fixed. The stylus is easier to use, but the gel and liquid take some practice. The best way to use them is supporting the skilful side of your arm on the table, take the eyeliner using your thumb, index and middle, and pose the tip of the little finger on your cheekbone. This gives you more control.

In the case of gel and liquid liner, we recommend not trying to apply it in one motion, until they have practice. An easy way is to paint stripes or dots on the line of the eyelashes, and then blend with a brush, sponge or rubber, or a swab (swab, q-tip). Do not pull the eye or eyelid with eyeliner: just close it and apply the product, otherwise there would succeed a couple online.

If you have spotted your eyelid or accidentally painted some area, try stumping toward the sculpted site or corrects the error by applying concealed dark circles, petroleum jelly or shine lipstick colorless, using a sponge brush or a cotton swab, slowly and small movements, not to affect the rest already applied.

To blend into the eyelid in a smoky effect (smokey), use a clean brush bristles, and makes small movements to the skin. Integrate it with eye shadow matte black or gray, and you will achieve a stunning effect.

If you want a very stunning evening makeup, use gel or liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid and eyeliner pencil of the same color inside the edge of the eyes, in the upper lid and the bottom. You will achieve a mysterious, powerful and very sensual look.

If you want to make a thick delineated and out from under the eye, remember fix it with translucent powder the same shade or shade, thus avoiding soiling the folds of the skin of your eyelid when you open and close your eyes. You remain perfect makeup for hours, and can eyeliner like a pro, easily.

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