How to hide gray hair without dye

When we reach a certain age, the normal passage of time causes gray hair to slowly begin to appear in our hair. It is a completely natural process as our hair loses its strength and, therefore, its pigmentation. It is said that for every pore through which gray hair appears, pigmented hair will never appear again and this means that, when the first one appears, people begin to question the passing of the years. In addition, sometimes its appearance can be anticipated by genetics and by stress factors or the immune system. That is why many people choose to cover them.

However, every day there are more men and women who prefer to opt for more home and natural remedies that do not fill our scalp with dye or ammonia that further weaken the hair. That is why, in this article, we have made a list of tips for knowing how to hide gray hair without dye.

Highlights or reflections

Gray hair today is much more normalized than in other times, and there are even people who choose to let it come out and wear gray or platinum hair. However, sometimes they do not always appear in the order we want and we can have white areas of the head and others of our tone. This can be especially annoying when you have dark hair tones as it creates more contrast. There are people who are bothered by it and want to look for options to cover gray hair without dye and people who like it and prefer to leave it that way.

In the event that you want to cover the gray parts without using dyes, one option would be to apply oxygenated wicks in an orderly manner throughout the head that lighten the entirety of your hair and make the gray hair end up hidden and as part of the wicks. It is much less invasive than applying a chemical dye and the result will be very natural.

Concealer spray

If you do not want to complicate yourself with hairdressers and simply want to be able to cover gray hair at specific times, you can always choose to use the corrective sprays that are on sale in hairdressers, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

It is a specific product for hair that has a quick mode of use. You just have to shake the bottle and apply the spray on the root zone and the strands of gray hair that you find. The pigmentation of the spray will immediately cover the gray and will remain so until the next wash. You also have many shades to choose from.

Non-permanent concealer

If you tend to have slightly dry hair, the spray may not be the best option as its application can frizz and clump the hair, leaving it looking unprofessional. For all these cases, there is another alternative to hide gray hair without dye and without anyone noticing.

These are non-permanent concealers. You can find them most of the time in the form of a brush or a stick, so applying it will be more precise than the spray, in addition, you can always carry it with you to do some touch-ups.

Colored bathrooms

Many people, especially when they reach an age, reject the use of dyes since they can damage and weaken hair a lot with their chemicals. However, there is a much more natural alternative that can work when it comes to hiding gray hair. It’s all about the colored bathrooms. This technique is not as long-lasting as dyes, but it is made through pigmentation and natural products that can completely cover gray hair and make it pass for your natural color for several weeks.

Keratin fibers

This is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and effective products on the market and they are the most valued alternative to hide gray hair without dye. These are powders made up of tiny keratin fibers that are applied to the hair and scalp with the help of a brush and that not only cover gray roots but also add vitality and volume to your hair. In addition, you can choose the tone that best suits you.


Along with color baths, we find another natural product that has been used for centuries, especially in Africa and Asia, and that more and more people are using: henna. It is a natural mud that provides beautiful copper or dark tones, depending on which one is used, and also cares for and protects your hair. This product can be found in more and more places, it usually has between 4 and 5 shades and not only covers gray hair but also gives your hair a shine and coppery brown tones that will give you youth for weeks.


We have left for the last one of the natural remedies to cover gray hair: chamomile. We cannot guarantee that you will see results from day one, but it has been proven that applying chamomile to all hair lightens it, especially if it is exposed to the sun. This will make your hair look with blonde highlights and your gray hair will be hidden among all your shiny hair.

Now that you know more about these options to hide gray hair without synthetic chemical dye, we recommend you read this other post about natural hair dyes.

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