Jewelry Made Of Pearls. Tips For Stylists Of Your Choice

Pearl is one of the universal jewelry because of its ability to fit into the situation. Pearls are appropriate at weddings and funerals, on corporate parties and daily use. He does not have age, and he organically looks like on the neck of a young girl, and on an old woman. But ladies who prefer to look good and stylish, will always wonder – what is the best combination of this decoration?

Jewelry Made Of Pearls. Tips For Stylists Of Your Choice

Varieties of pearls?

In order to thoroughly understand this issue, it is necessary to know what kinds of pearls occur, and that basically, we wear around our necks.

  • Wild or natural – grows, in a way known to us, in the sink. Pearls are extracted from the depths of the sea, much larger than the river and are much more valuable. At the moment, pearls extracted wild way, ceased to produce systematically, and in the jewelry industry use pearls grown artificially – on pearl plantations. This pearl is also called cultivated and it has several varieties that are produced in America, on the shores of two oceans, Japanese islands, and the cost of some pearls is approaching 10 thousand dollars.
  • Artificial, the history of making such pearls originates in the first century. Today there are companies manufacturing high-quality artificial pearls, which is close to the original pearl in appearance and durability. The cheaper analogs are the beads covered with white mother of pearl.

Fashion for pearls, especially manifested in the days of Coco Chanel, who did not leave the house without a pearl thread.

Jewelry Made Of Pearls. Tips For Stylists Of Your Choice

The combination of pearls and style of clothes

Pearls fit well with various fashion styles. For example, a small black dress, advantageously shade one or more pearl threads. This outfit will suit a romantic evening, a celebration, a hike to the theater or to an exhibition.

The strict business suit, it will look good with a necklace length of 25-30 centimeters of light shade. The size of beads depends on the density of the fabric of the suit, the denser it is – the larger the number of pearls.

The wrapped string of pearls around the neck several times, will be appropriate with a flying, weightless cloth, for example, a dress made of chiffon. If the neck is not long enough, then the knotted knot on the chest of a long pearl thread will look great.

To clothes in the style of casual, short, medium-sized beads will fit. They will perfectly fit into the image consisting of jeans and a turtleneck.

Youth fashion will be in harmony with colored pearls of irregular shape. You can wear several threads at once, and also combine them with jewelry from metal.

With what pearls do not mix?

  • With a shade of beige and pastel tones.
  • bright, flashy outfits, especially purple, yellow and red colors
  • with clothes made of rhinestones and sequins
  • with colorful dresses and contrasting costumes
  • with products of thick mating, especially – sweaters

Jewelry Made Of Pearls. Tips For Stylists Of Your Choice


How to wear pearls

  • if the decollete is deep, then you can combine several delicate ornaments
  • if the neckline is small, then only earrings or necklaces are appropriate
  • there are no multiple massive ornaments, when choosing, give preference to the plague that one
  • if the necklace consists of several threads or too large, then the earrings should be miniature stud earrings
  • women of age will be approached by ornaments from spherical large beads

Jewelry Made Of Pearls. Tips For Stylists Of Your Choice

What color is best for you?

  • white or milk pearls, suitable for any age category
  • yellowish tinge is appropriate on tanned or dark skin
  • women with pale skin and blondes are best suited for pink or blue pearls
  • black pearl is good only on ladies with the bright appearance.