Golden Color In Clothes: Fashionable Combinations

Golden Color In Clothes: Fashionable Combinations

Gold-colored dresses always look quite scandalous and festive, they decorate their hostess. Plus, the golden color is that it goes well with many shades, which allows you to form a chic multicolor look. And we bring to your attention the most successful combinations and ideas for images!

Golden Color In Clothes: Fashionable Combinations

How to combine gold color in clothes? Practical recommendations

Shaping the look, you must immediately determine what shade of gold you are dealing with. For example, metallic with a pink sheen is the ideal solution for creating romantic images, with red ones for business and evening dresses. The light golden color is appropriate in clothes at any time of the day, but dark is the lot of elegant evening dresses. Also, it is worth remembering a number of recommendations that will allow you to choose clothes of gold color, taking into account your build and appearance type:

  • Brunettes and ladies of elegant age are more suited to dark gold or that which has light red-brown ebb;
  • Blondes and slender girls fit clothes, painted in a light golden color and shades, which are dominated by pink notes;
  • Teenage girls should choose bright golden things that emphasize their individuality.

The gold color in the clothes does not fit well with all shades of gray and silver, the images in which light gold and an acid yellow palette are combined look very bright. And brown levels the splendor of both light and dark gold, so these shades should be combined carefully.

Golden Color In Clothes: Fashionable Combinations

The best options for combinations with photos

Golden and white colors

The snow-white color perfectly complements any shade, revealing its best characteristics. At the same time, white makes the outfit fresher and lighter, which makes it possible to slightly neutralize the brilliance of gold. This combination is ideal for porcelain blondes and young girls. Ladies of elegant age should combine dark gold with a tint of white, for example, with cream, ivory, and beige.

Gold on a black background

This is a classic combination that is appropriate in any situation. The layout of black and gold in clothes allows you to create a trendy outfit that, if necessary, can hide any flaw in the figure. Wide gold trousers and a modest black T-shirt emphasize a slim waist, but high-quality hide wide hips. The combination is suitable for brunettes, blondes and red-haired girls of any age.

Pink and gold clothes

This combination is fairly light and unobtrusive, but in the clothes, you need to use discreet warm shades of pink: powder-pink, tea rose and others. The golden pink outfit will be the perfect solution for young girls and natural blondes.

Combination with red

Red and gold in clothes perfectly harmonize with each other, but this outfit looks very fresh, bold and extravagant. In this look, red dominates in clothing, and gold – in accessories: belts, scarves, jewelry, shoes, bag. Red has the ability to visually complete – remember this during the formation of the image. The burgundy, scarlet, berry, ruby ​​and garnet shades are most successfully combined with gold.

Golden Color In Clothes: Fashionable Combinations

Blue and gold

Blue is a cool color, so it sets off bright gold accessories quite well. In drawing up the outfit, you should follow the same rules as in the case of red: clothes are blue, accessories or decor are golden. You must immediately decide which image you want to create. For example, a combination of gold and shades of indigo, ink, cornflower, Azure is suitable for business images, and the layout of gold, ultramarine or cobalt shades is the ideal solution for a club look.

Harmonious dresses with a green tone

Jade, viridian, khaki, mint, citrus, olive, mustard, malachite are all shades of green that perfectly complement the bright shine of golden metallic. This combination allows you to create deep and very rich evening images that perfectly mask any figure flaws.

Golden and orange

These colors in clothes shout over each other, but such a combination has the right to life. It is most appropriate at the theme party, suitable for creating light summer images. It is recommended to bet on dark shades of orange: mandarin and apricot, coral and salmon.

Sunny with purple

This palette is mainly used for interior design, but it looks very impressive in clothes. Most often for such an image, they use plain purple dresses, complemented with gold accessories or embroidery. The most beneficial look saturated shades of purple, namely plum, eggplant, lavender and fuchsia.

How and with what to wear gold outfits?

Please note that the noble gold can dominate the evening dress on the floor, which can turn any girl into the queen of the holiday – this is the must-have of your wardrobe. Golden flared and tulip skirts, as well as corrugated models,  look impressive. You can choose a mini or knee-length skirt, otherwise, the image will be supersaturated with a bright shade. The skirt should be supplemented with a T-shirt or blouse, jacket and top, painted in white, black or purple. The skirt in this image can be replaced with wide trousers or a model with strips.

Now you know about what colors in clothes you can combine gold. We hope that our advice will help you make the right decision!

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