Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Not all things, to be honest, look harmonious on a full body. It is quite difficult for girls with magnificent forms to find a comfortable, aesthetic and elegant summer outfit for themselves since the size range of clothing of most reputable European brands often ends with the number “50”. It is usually difficult to look at what manufacturers in the “plus size” category offer without tears. These things evoke associations “goodbye, youth”: knitted balaclava blouses, over-tunic tunics that do not hold shape.

However, stylists are confident that it is quite possible to “lose” extra pounds in a couple of minutes. And full-fledged women will be helped in this by no means strict diets, but fashionable techniques. Time-tested and “approved” by the stars, properly selected items of clothing will allow corpulent ladies to look slimmer, and therefore, feel more comfortable and confident.

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Some important rules for pyshechek

If in your desire to veil the extra volumes, you always preferred the nondescript and baggy sets, forget about it! Designers work tirelessly to ensure that each of us, regardless of build, looks stylish and attractive. To do this, it is enough to focus on the merits and divert attention from the shortcomings. Thanks to a successful dress of battle size, it is not difficult to reveal your femininity, to remain seductive in any situation. Stylists of fashion boutiques will certainly help in choosing, but if you prefer online shopping, some subtleties still need to be remembered.

Find the right thing!

Choosing clothes, owners of magnificent forms should pay attention to the collar, shoulders, neckline. The length of the skirt, sundress, dress depends on the completeness of the legs and can help visually adjust the growth. Sleeves blouses, jackets deserve special attention, because allow you to disguise the fullness and sloping shoulders. As for the large print, care is needed here. Choose more geometric verticals and calm shades. We picked up a few topical summer options for women with forms. Thanks to the recommendations and photos, you can easily create such look-and-and look stylish in any situation.

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Off-shoulder maxi dresses

Owners of feminine forms (figure type – “pear” with a narrow shoulder girdle, rounded hip line, and full legs), can safely dress in a floor-length dress with open shoulders. Feel free to focus on a beautiful bust. Any style with cleavage will look advantageous. Made from pleasant elastic fabrics for the body: knitwear, viscose, such outfits level the imbalances, they look pretty nice, flirty and are great for hot summer days. In the trend of printed products (with a delicate floral pattern) of viscose, linen, silk and monochrome clothing. Sandals on a massive heel, large multi-tiered earrings, and a rigid form handbag will complement such a bow.

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Wrap for full

From year to year, these models do not lose their relevance and migrate from one season to another. Stylists consider them optimal for girls plus size with any type of figure. Wrap styles create an aesthetic V-neck, and an asymmetrical hem shifts attention from full hips. They sit immaculately on the body, emphasizing tenderness and grace. With this model for full fit shoes with heels (for example, shoes with a strap on the ankle).

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Ascot Models

In the spring and summer of 2019 at the peak of popularity of a dress with a collar-ascot. Women with parameters far from Thumbelina’s proportions can try on clothes made of lightweight flowing matter (crepe-chiffon) with translucent sleeves. This simple trick will add airiness to the whole look, disguise fat hands. Suede sandals or pumps support the game of textures. Such an ensemble will be an ideal option for the office. Designed by talented designers, everyday models with an ascot for work will allow looking every day in strict accordance with the standards adopted by the company, will give comfort and confidence in themselves. They are designed for the most demanding women who value grace and harmony, prefer extraordinary solutions, and strive to create their own whole face.

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Vertical stripes

It’s not for nothing that a vertical strip is appreciated by full ladies because it really visually draws out a silhouette better than another print. Corpulent women in the coming season should choose striped dresses knee-length or midi models from satin or silk. Products of a direct cut with a long belt and the lowered line of shoulders will look very harmonious. Clutch, pumps, sunglasses, “weifarera” correctly place accents.

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Dress shirt

This model is a must-have for every woman who seeks to dress stylishly regardless of age, season, size of clothes. Dress shirt – a   good option when it is fashionable and beautiful, and practical. This style imperceptibly conceals excess volumes in the hips, in the waist and visually slim due to a long row of buttons. Owners of non-standard physique fit dresses with diagonal or vertical lines, as well as monochrome models. The uniqueness of the style is that it looks equally advantageous with feminine pumps and shoes in informal/sporty styles.

Summer Wardrobe For Girls With Curvaceous

Fitted silhouette with 3/4 sleeves

Girls who are not overweight, but want to veil imperfections of the figure, for example, a small belly and plump arms, can wear fitted models with a three-quarter sleeve and a full skirt. In the trend of abstract prints, romantic floral ornaments or butterflies. Stylists recommend selecting accessories (handbag, shoes), the color of which echoes the touch of the dress.

Regardless of the size of each woman – full or miniature – today can look stylish and beautiful. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to spend a fortune on a wardrobe. Fashion lawmakers made sure that the clothes for overweight girls were interesting, bringing sophistication and charm to the image. Strive to look charming? Girls with appetizing forms are expected in Internet shops, outlets, and large shopping centers.

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