Fashion prints on clothes in 2018

Fashion Prints On Clothes In 2018

The holiday season has arrived. Ahead of a meeting with the warm sea, boundless beaches, friendly sun. And, of course, every woman wants to look like a hundred in the warm season. Therefore, before the rest, it is worthwhile to figure out which prints are in fashion in the summer of 2018. What clothes are preferred by the most stylish persons, for example, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, and other celebrities?

Positive shades – the main focus of the collections of famous designers. Bright blue, purple, lemon yellow, mustard, golden, scarlet, ocher, turquoise tones harmoniously intertwine with calm colors, with fancy laser drawings of tropical prints and with magnificent floral ornaments. These colors are perfectly combined with each other in the evening and in everyday images, they look impeccable in strict and informal mono looks: choose your shade and shine like the hot summer sun! Spectacular color palette and non-trivial graphic prints perfectly balance with innovative design ideas. However, following the changeable fashion, in any situation, you should maintain your original style, individuality and not forget about the whole look.

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018


This is a win-win solution for anyone who wants to stand out while retaining the status of a megastar persona. In the coming summer, the designers did not begin to experiment with color and shape but rather preferred the traditional black and white version. True, the size of the peas may vary.

A dress in a small pea in a duet with a translucent blouse will make it look glamorous and at the same time moderately strictly. Shirt, blouse can be tied with a knot in front. An ensemble of pea shirts with frills and an asymmetrical skirt with frills is the perfect embodiment of the total look.

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018

Pop Art

Printed items pop art of the coming season. The main goal of pop-art is to bring aesthetics, beauty, extraordinary touches to the soulless consumer world. Posters, labels, newspaper clippings, comics, and other mass-market products have become recognizable attributes of the pop art direction. Appearing at the equator of the 20th century, this style has returned to the podiums this spring-summer season. At the peak of popularity are ensembles, decorated with prints in the style of pop-art, clothes with a single image, creating a striking accent on a monochrome background?

A creative idea from Calvin Klein – black and white advertising images from retro posters on the translucent matter. Boiled white T-shirts, tops with inscriptions, printed skirts-midis of stretch knit fabric with spectacular label prints – this summer’s hit. By collecting the entire outfit of things with images that resemble posters issued in the middle of the last century, you can look original, glamorous, and sexy!

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018

Street-fashion: nautical theme

For summer, the theme of the sea has always remained one of the most pressing. In the coming 2018th year, it became even more in demand, because the images with the inhabitants of the sea create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, reminding us of the sun, rest, and a refreshing sea breeze. Traditional elements: anchor, captain’s steering wheel, waves, and seagulls have moved around, giving way to the most amazing exotic marine animals.

On colorful fabrics today you can find prints in the form of mussels, shells, crabs, sea stars. Particularly expressive look look-and with a fluffy skirt and a crop top with oceanic patterns. In this kit, you will not be able to go unnoticed. In the new year, the rule regarding the combination of spectacular prints and bright accessories has lost its relevance. Experts advise a bright outfit with the inhabitants of the seas to add massive earrings, lots of bracelets, necklaces and other stylish jewelry. However, anyone who seeks to attract the views of others to the colorful ornaments, it is better to do without accessories.

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018


Without a floral print, it is difficult to imagine spring-summer collections. He will be the best assistant in creating a super feminine and romantic look. Look-and in the style of bohemia with floral ornaments offered in 2018 the most respected gurus of high fashion. The most relevant images are overalls with floral motifs, sundresses in the floor of flowing fabric with large abstract buds. Must-have of this summer – small flowers “millefleur.”

Fashion offers delicate florets, patterns resembling painting on Pavlovo Posad shawls and even oriental ornaments. For a more rigorous image, choose a monophonic bottom and a patterned top. Plants, by the way, can be guessed both in the pattern and in the lace or in the perforation.

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018


Robes with such a pattern were in the wardrobes of the ancient Slavs, Egyptians, and in 2018 it is the most fashionable print and not only in a suit. The fashion for multi-color or contrasting stripes appeared thanks to the efforts of Coco Chanel. A lot of time has passed since then, but Raye never leaves the podium. Photos from the shows confirm that in the 30s of the last century the stripes were relevant on dresses made of flowing silk, and in the 40s beauties hunted for striped skirts. In the middle of the last century, black and white were in fashion, and later multicolored and contrasting stripes.

And today they are in trend. In the new collections, there is a narrow and wide strip, which can be located across or along. For more than one season, designers will present stripes in the most incredible variations: a strip with a combination with a floral print or a cell. For example, the Briton Paul Smith – a person reputable in the fashion world, the strip serves as a trademark, decorating accessories, logo, shoes, and clothes. Please note that this print has the ability to change proportions. For example, the vertical will give the silhouette extra slimness, and the transverse, on the contrary, will add volume.

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018


Some people think that the animal print can bring some kind of vulgarity to the image. Street style proves: such motifs allow you to become elegant and feminine. And if you want to surprise others, collect from it a total look. Do not miss: on all items of clothing print should be identical in tone. If possible, make a natural make-up – an abundance of bright colors will tell about the lack of taste and sense of style.

Fashion prints on clothes in 2018

On the Internet, millions of sites today offer completely different models. But among the variety of options is quite difficult to choose clothes that will look stunning. Skirts, dresses, sundresses with actual prints will help you to embody sexy, spectacular, feminine, bold or seductive images!


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