How to choose a dress for the summer season.

How to choose a dress for the summer season.

Summer is the perfect time to charm the whole world in your new way! And there are reasons for dressing up here for the eyes: walks, vacations, picnics, etc. It is in the summer that the most feminine part of the wardrobe – the dress – comes to the fore.

How to choose a dress for the summer season.

What fabric to give preference?

In most cases, it is necessary to give preference to natural fabrics. Silk, cotton, viscose, chiffon – breathable fabrics, perfect for summer. But here, not without drawbacks – such fabrics are crumpled and sat down after washing. And you should not wear dresses that contain a lot of wool – it is designed to keep warm, which will not be very useful in the summer.

The best choice would be to buy a dress made of blended fabric with the addition of 20-30% synthetic fiber. This option is not only convenient for the body but also much easier to use.

Of course, you should not immediately abandon the dress after seeing that it is made of polyester. In this case, one has only to avoid particularly hot weather, since Polyester tends to keep warm. The first thing to look at is the density of the fabric. Of the advantages of synthetics, it should be noted that it keeps its shape well and does not cause allergies.

How to choose a dress for the summer season.

What dresses should be in the wardrobe?

1. The cocktail dress just above the knee in bright/bright colors with an A-line skirt. Sleeve length: short, and better without it. This choice directly depends on your body size and on the fact that it is better for you to go. The dress itself should be fitted. But do not get involved in too unusual styles in this case. You should wear such a dress in a park for a picnic, a date, or just for a walk.

2. Dress straight cut in the office style with a pencil skirt. More strict and ideal for working days. It can be diluted with accessories and go there after work on a date.

3. Light evening gown of flowing fabric – silk, chiffon or viscose. Length and cut completely depend on your preferences and type of your figure. Well, just do not forget about the rules of dress code. For evening gatherings in a cafe near the beach, the dress of a more consolidated and closed cut is perfect;

How to choose a dress for the summer season.

What mistakes should not be made?

1. Do not forget about the rules of the dress code. In the summer, there are many reasons to wear a dress, but it is worth remembering that there are some frames for each case. If the event starts before 7:00 pm – instead of a dress on the floor, you should wear a cocktail dress of short/medium length. This rule applies only to more or less formal events. Having come to a nightclub in a free-cut sundress with a floral print that is floor-length, you will more likely resemble the specter of communism.

2. Do not hide your legs. And when, if not in the summer, they can still show off! So if you are not obliged to wear strict dresses to the floor for ideological or religious reasons, feel free to dress mini/midi dresses.

3. High heels are not always in place. Many girls avoid wearing dresses because believing that without high heels look ineffective in them. Most summer dresses will look very harmonious with ballet shoes/shoes with a small heel. Especially when it comes to every day and “day” options. With sneakers and sneakers, you still need to be more careful (especially for girls who are short) – the dress should fit well in a casual style.

4. Choose the right laundry. And it seems that everyone has long been aware of this, but young ladies who wear black/red under a light dress constantly meet, causing it to shine, or go with a double set of straps – from the bra and from the dress.

5. We recall the rules for combining colors in the selection of accessories. If the dress consists of several colors, then a good choice would be the selection of shoes/bags for one of them (preferably not under the main color). Under the flowers means + – a few tones. More than 3 colors are already quite dangerous – you can spoil your image with the wrong part. You should also focus on the color of your hair and the level of your summer tan. The presence of the latter can sometimes degrade your appearance in certain outfits.

6. Be careful with dark dresses, especially from synthetics. If you fall under the strong summer sun, you risk earning dehydration.

Of the main trends in 2018, it is worth noting: flower and pea prints are relevant as always, simple and medium-sized dresses of medium and short length in light pastel colors that fit perfectly in the casual glamor style are in fashion. Also, this season lace, stripes, and the nautical theme are in fashion.

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