Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

What pants suit for you? What models exist today? How to choose a style by type of figure? We will try to find answers to these questions by contacting people who are directly related to the cut – fashion designers.

Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

To begin, remember who we owe the opportunity of emancipation? Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, the first woman to turn the whole idea of women’s fashion. With the light hand of the Frenchwoman, the men’s wardrobe detail, by the way – the main detail, has turned into a sexy and comfortable in all respects zest of women’s fashion. Today we do not imagine clothes and basic wardrobe without pants. And in order to maximize the benefits of spending money on the renewal of wardrobe trousers, you need to understand the basis, that is, what you can wear, regardless of fashion trends.

We form a trouser toilet

The first thing you should pay attention to is color. The palette for every day should not be defiant, but pants in black, dark blue, coffee, beige color, easily fit any top. These are the so-called neutral shades, which are combined with the rest of the color range and are suitable for any purpose. In the wardrobe, there must be – classic straight pants, cargo, chino pants, and shorts. The latter may not necessarily be summer, look great classic shorts with arrows made of dark wool or “tartan.” They should be worn under a coat in the autumn.

Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

Know your size!

This is an immutable rule for everyone. It often happens that by buying things one size smaller, we convince ourselves that five kilograms over the past month are our imagination. As a result, the thing does not sit and disfigures the figure even more. Therefore, we buy clothes strictly according to size today. Option – I will lose weight later, usually does not work, and things that have lain for a couple of years in the closet are sent either as a gift or for rework. So, if you want to look luxurious, you should be comfortable and free. Pants should not restrain movement and be confused in the legs. When purchasing pants, try to squat down and feel how comfortable you are. This is especially true of buying jeans and narrow models.

Choosing trousers on the figure

I think that more than half of the ladies, they are well aware of their disadvantages of dignity, and choosing clothes, adheres to the peculiarities of the figure. Let’s tell about the main types of a figure and we will give recommendations for regulars of fashionable houses.

Figure – hourglass

Or the so-called – perfect proportions. Feminine with waist, bust, and hips evenly proportioned. The peculiarity of the choice of trousers is as follows: given that many models are suitable, there is a possibility of skewing. For example, choosing tight pants, we select the top loose, voluminous. For this type of figure, the following models are perfect: flared trousers, straight fitting, military, cargo, Capri.

Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

Pear figure

To balance the heavy hips, choose a model with a wide bottom. For example, flared pants. Models should not fit hips but should flow freely down. Avoid low-rise trousers, use straight cuts.

Apple Shape

For models of this type of figure, a dedicated waist is used on the trousers. But the landing should be certainly high, as a low traced belt only emphasizes the stomach. It is best to use the classic options – straight, wide with arrows and without. You can use decorative elements, but they should be placed on the hips to divert attention from the abdomen. The color can be a calm classic, and vertical lines will also work.

Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

Inverted Triangle Figure

Features of such a figure are that in the presence of wide shoulders, the female has narrow hips. In trouser models, the emphasis should be directed specifically at the hips and distract from the massive top. The trouser styles look good: with a low waist, bananas, breeches, trousers. It is better to refuse models of hips fitting, but products with patch pockets in the free version are an excellent choice of such a figure.

Rectangle shape

This figure has a poorly defined waist, so choose models with an underlined line. In general, the choice for this type of figure is quite wide and almost any cut is suitable, but there is a reservation – straight and tight-fitting models are not acceptable. Easy flare, any harem pants, skirt-pants, bananas, riding breeches – underline the waist, and a well-chosen belt, complete the image.

Pants On The Type Of Figure: The Basic Rules Of Choice

Custom Shapes

Examples of non-standard figures are many; we will analyze only the most common ones.

Short stature to visually increase the height, pants pick up straight, flared from the hips and wide models. High growth can be compensated by Capri, cargo. If a short camp, then chooses a straight and flared model with a high waist and be sure to heels.

Creating an image is an important step in the formation of the wardrobe, and with a skillful approach, you can beat the flaws with dignity. Follow the simple rules of choice and be beautiful and feminine.

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