How to clean silver: the main ways and step by step

Everyone has some silver object at home. Be it cutlery, something that is part of the decoration or even traditional silver jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, earrings, and chains. In this article you will know how to clean silver :

The detail is that over time the silver pieces lose their shine and, unlike other objects in the house, require special care so that they always remain shiny and with that touch of refinement.

In the case of jewelry, it is common for people to bet on those magic cloths, which ensure that the pieces are always sparkling.

But did you know that there are some homemade techniques that ensure that any silver object will always remain shiny as if it were new?

How to clean silver: the main ways

1. Toothpaste

Most toothpaste contains sodium bicarbonate or another product that has more or less the same function. This means that you can use this technique to clean a silver object.

The white paste is the most suitable and you should use a toothbrush – intended only for this use – or another softer brush. The sponge can also be useful in this case.

Rub the toothpaste onto the silver object you want to clean, wash it with soap and water, then let it dry. The result will be a shiny, new-looking piece.

2. Baking soda

Bicarbonate is indicated for cleaning silver pieces and can be used in two ways. You can pass a paste of bicarbonate and water over the object or soak it in hot water with bicarbonate.

This second option is more suitable for small pieces, such as earrings, rings, and bracelets and you should never leave objects immersed for a long time. A few minutes is enough for cleaning.

3. Salt

To clean with salt, just place the silver pieces in a bowl with hot water and a little salt.

Let it soak for some time until the objects are clearer and look like new. Then pass some water and let it dry naturally.

4. Aluminum foil

Do you own silver objects with a lot of details? Aluminum foil can help when whitening the piece.

Leave the objects immersed in a mixture of hot water and aluminum foil. The tip is to leave it for approximately 20 minutes or until the silver pieces are clearer and brighter.

5. Banana peel

Banana peel is also useful for cleaning silver objects. And the best part is that it’s quite simple to make.

Just rub the inside of the shell on the object you want to clean. Then pass a dry cloth over it to shine.

6. Lemon

Cut a lemon in half and rub the inside with salt. Then pass this mixture over the silver piece you want to clean.

Let it act for a few minutes and then wash the object with water only. Let it dry naturally.

7. Soda soda

workshop for cleaning tarnished silver with aluminum foil and baking soda – tongs removes clean silver chain from boiling solution of baking soda with aluminum foil in pot on electric stove

In a container, place the silver objects you want to clean and pour some soda.

Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse the parts under running water. This tip is interesting for smaller objects like jewelry and silverware.

8. Silver bath

This tip is only indicated for pieces that are very oxidized and dark. Ideally, the silver bath should only be done once in a while.

To do so, just buy the liquid indicated for the technique, put it in a plastic container, and leave the silver object immersed there for the time specified on the package.

You must use a container with a lid. This technique is not highly recommended, as it can damage the silver if done too often. Even when performed by professionals, the silver bath is applied with the help of cotton sponges.

Care tips for silver objects

  • In addition to cleaning, some daily care for your silverware or any silver object will make the pieces last longer. For this you can:
  • Store silver objects in a dry and airy place, as moisture is the enemy of silver and causes it to oxidize more quickly;
  • Keep silver away from cleaning products, many of which are corrosive and can scratch or damage your silverware;
  • Leaving jewelry wrapped in flannel or cloth bags helps to keep them free of dust and even prevents moisture;
  • When taking off a silver jewel pass a flannel or microfiber cloth on the piece;
  • Wash the silverware as soon as you use it, the ideal is to apply a minimum of force during cleaning, to avoid scratching the piece;
  • Avoid any object that could scratch the silverware, that is, do not use steel wool or any harder sponge when washing the pieces;
  • Do not put silver pieces in the dishwasher, as the products used in the machine can damage silver;
  • Pack the silverware in plastic bags or plastic film, do not use garbage bags, as they are made of petroleum and can stain objects over time;
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean and polish silverware;
  • Have a magic flannel at home to polish your jewelry, you can buy it at any store that sells silver;
  • Do not wear silver jewelry in the pool, as chlorine helps oxidize silver faster;
  • Avoid serving foods that can tarnish or corrode silver objects; eggs and mayonnaise should be served in plastic or glass bowls. As for salads seasoned with salt and pepper, wash the silverware right after using it;
  • Try to polish silver whenever you notice a slight stain, yellowish stains are easier to remove than darker, black ones;

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