How to make an advent calendar for this Christmas season

One of the funnest parts about Christmas are the advent calendars, as they let you experience a bit of the holiday magic every day until the final, most important winter celebration. If store-bought ones seem too basic for you or they don’t fulfill all of your interests, creating home-made ones can be a wonderful alternative. Whether you want to make the calendar for your boyfriend, brother, mom, or your child, we’re here to give you a few ideas about how to make this process more interesting, creative, and fun both for you and the receiver.

Decide on the number of the days

Deciding on the number of the days of your advent aka the number of presents someone will receive is the first thing you should do in order to make your DIY calendar. Usually advent calendars are 24 or 12 days long, but you can make yours longer or shorter, depending on how many positions you can fill, your budget, and imagination. After deciding on the number of days, separate them by colorful envelopes, organizers, or simply buy wrapping paper for all the gifts. The Parents magazine suggests a few intriguing ideas, like making a countdown calendar out of recycled toilet paper tubes or putting the presents in upside-down Santa hats.

Make a list of the presents

By far the most important aspect of your calendar are the presets that you’re putting inside of it. You probably already have a few of them hidden in the house, but if you’re in need of ideas, try to remember what things the receiver mentioned wanting to try or get as a present. There are some general gift ideas that would be suitable for everyone regardless of their age, such as a “coupon” for any of their favorite home-made meals, fuzzy socks, snacks, or a warm knit sweater. The latter will make an especially good present during those cold months; forget about the classic ugly Christmas sweaters, you can do much better! A knit crew neck sweater with Aran designs, for example jumpers knit with Irish wool , will be perfect not only for wearing on Christmas Eve, but also on a daily basis, whether to school or work.

Wrap the presents and surprise your loved one

After finally putting together your presents and selecting one day for every one of them, it is time to wrap them up and prepare for the big reveal! If you want to make the opening process more mysterious, wrap the presents as something not even remotely close to what they truly are.

Another suggestion would be to alternate the bigger, more important gifts with the smaller but just as thoughtful ones, like packing their snacks on day 5 and then surprising them with a thermos cup that they’ve been wanting for a long time on day 6. Also, don’t forget to leave the biggest present for the last day and put it underneath the Christmas tree. This way, you will make this holiday season a truly memorable one.

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