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What To Wear For The Wedding Guests?

The sacrament of a wedding is one of the most important church ceremonies. The ceremony unites two lovers’ hearts in order to create a strong family in the shadow of the church. Due to the fact that this ceremony is held in the church, for the newlyweds and guests, there are certain rules according to […]

Wedding Dresses For Guests - Tips For Choosing

Every girl invited to the wedding of the best girlfriend or close friend before the celebration is extremely puzzled by the choice of his dress. Many of the fair sex is having trouble not knowing which wedding dresses are suitable for guests – long, short, simple or fancy? It is extremely important to take a […]

YolanCris 2017 Brides Collection

After all fashion weeks, it has started the New York International Bridal Week. The first Spanish firm has been parading YolanCris with its collection Studio 2017, in the Hotel Prince George Ballroom. A sample in which highlighted the baroque creations stamped and filled with rich embroidered details.

There is no doubting that being a professional wedding photographer is a very rewarding, if stressful job at times. There is only one day. If something goes wrong and you cant recover it, the moment is gone. Forever. Image Credit Plan Ahead Some careful preparation in advance can help ease the pressure. Some people are […]