7 mistakes when choosing a wedding dress

Shopping in the wedding salon should bring only pleasure and positive emotions. And also – a dream dress.

To your trip to the store was successful, we’ll tell you what mistakes to avoid when choosing a wedding dress!

1. Take too much support with you

The more people, the more opinions. And in choosing a wedding dress it is better to trust your taste than the opinion of friends and relatives. Going to a shopping trip with a big company, you risk not finding a dress that everyone likes. And, of course, disappointed in the choice of outfits, respectively, to waste time in vain.

2. Dwell on one model / style

Do not look for a particular model of a wedding dress and refuse to try on others. First, another model may suit you much more. Secondly, the dress that you came up with can cost too much, and in the end it does not look as impressive as you thought.

3. Delay the purchase for the last week

Wedding dress is best to buy no earlier than six months before the celebration, but not later than a month. Buying too early a wedding dress, you risk then spend months in meditation: and whether this dress? Leaving for the last week or two is also a bad idea. Most outfits have to be adjusted according to the figure, and this takes time. In addition, the search for a dress can take too much time, which in the last week before the wedding is better to rest and gain strength.

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4. Measure too many dresses

If, by trying on a dress, you do not want to measure anything else, then you have found the “same”! Next, already measure outfits just does not make sense. On the contrary, in the head there will be real porridge and there will be doubts about the correctness of the choice. The average number of dresses for fitting in one salon is 5-6!

5. To buy a dress for a size smaller

Remember, it’s much easier to adjust a dress to a figure than a figure under a dress. Even if you are going to lose weight by the wedding and have already got on a tough diet, it’s not worth taking risks with buying a close dress. At a wedding, it’s important to feel comfortable. And if you can not normally breathe in your attire, you can hardly enjoy the holiday.

6. Measure dresses that you cannot afford

Trying on a dress that you cannot afford is a big mistake. After all, if you like it, it will be very difficult to find a worthy replacement, and wedding shopping will not be so pleasant. Do not complicate the choice of a wedding dress and immediately designate in the salon the price range within which you are ready to consider the offers.

7. Buy a dress that you do not like

Very many brides succumb to the persuasions of parents or girlfriends and buy dresses, which are not enthusiastic. Usually such purchases end in returns. It happens that the bride and marries in the unloved dress. For fitting, take with you a person whose taste you trust. And yet – listen only to yourself and your desires.

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