How much does it cost to ship a wedding dress? The word to the experts

What factors does the cost of a wedding dress depend on? We talked about it with some of our favorite bridal ateliers.

If you are struggling with the organization of your Big Day. You will have realized that there is an element with which you will have to literally deal: we are obviously talking about the budget allocated for the wedding, which will inevitably affect most of your choices. How to live a dream wedding without being a slave to your wallet?

Given that there are elements on which it is impossible to save, no bride in the world wants – rightly – to economize on the wedding dress she will wear that day. One of the undisputed protagonists who will catalyze the attention of all the residents. On average how much does a wedding dress cost nowadays? What factors does its cost depend on? We asked some of the best bridal ateliers in Italy, very different from each other. On the one hand, we have in fact bothered the staff of one of the most magical creative workshops,  Domo Adami (visit the site)  whose name is synonymous with made in Italy in terms of brides; on the other hand,  Elena Barba, mind and heart of the homonymous tailor’s shop, active since 1993, told us; only the last ones in alphabetical order, Simone Marulli (visit the website), a young but already established promise of fashion Bridal and  Cristina, directly from Paris, owner of the Spose & Stile brand (visit the website). And today a freelance bridal stylist in the world capital of haute couture gives us her opinion on the cost of wedding dresses.

To them the word!

“The pride of made in Italy”, Domo Adami

The offer of wedding dresses today is decidedly vast, largely increased by an imported product which, with a view to greater profit, has impoverished the contents and quality that this product has always represented, recognized as the highest expression. of high-level tailoring. For this reason, now you can find clothes under € 1,000, made with poor fabrics and inaccurate workmanship. Fortunately, however, the quality Made in Italy continues to exist, made with beautiful materials and well finished. For this type, the average value starts from € 2,500 up to € 4,000. Then there is a higher range, for dresses with complex workmanship, with handmade embroidery and quality French lace and here the price can go up by several thousand euros.

The cost of the wedding dress is made up of various parameters: the bill of materials used, the working hours used to produce it as well as a series of additional costs related to business management, distribution and the importance of the designer’s brand. It should be noted, however, that today the “made to measure” assumes a fundamental added value if understood as made taking into account the needs of the bride and comfort … therefore there is no longer only the cost but the quality/price ratio and the service, which become the new frontiers of a wedding, a discriminating factor for true professionals.

“Less is more”, Ateleba

The market today offers wedding dresses of all kinds and kinds and the prices are very varied. Taking into consideration high-quality wedding dresses, made to measure, with pure silk and original lace, I would say that an average price in our bridal tailoring can range between 2000 and 3000 euros. The tailor-made realization of the clothes does not increase the costs for the final customer. But only makes the garment more exclusive and suitable for the physical conformation of the customer. Sometimes it happens to receive requests for particularly rich garments that arrive at higher prices and if the bride has a lower spending budget we can recommend some changes to fall within their spending ceiling. In this regard, we avoid recommending poor fabrics. We always prefer pure silk which makes the dress already precious in itself. Rather we try to limit the amount of work that the garment requires. I always say it better little, but good and the dress remains elegant and extremely refined.

The cost of the wedding dress depends on various factors. First of all on the fabrics that are chosen. We always choose pure silk and original lace, which alone make a difference. A soft skirt made with Como silk gives the bride the feeling of flying, the fabric is fluid and ethereal, while with synthetic fabrics the effect remains quite “wrapped” and the bride has an almost fake and false air. Not to mention that a pure silk wedding dress is very light, sometimes it can weigh as little as 500 grams! A high-quality lace, original and perhaps in pure cottons, like those of the grandmothers, to be clear, gives the dress a retro and refined air and does not need embroidery, indeed it would be a shame since its beauty lies precisely in the details and in the details of the drawing. Of course, embroidery also affects the price quite a bit. If the material which is used is of high quality, such as glass beads, Bohemian crystal, Swarovski crystal, and mother of pearl, the final cost will be the sum of the embroiderers’ working days plus precious materials. Here too it is worth using the same principle as always. Better some precious and refined details rather than a plastic sequin carpet! In the atelier, we try to advise so that the dress remains important and precious, preferring high-quality materials and, if necessary to meet the bride’s budget, limiting the quantities.

“Timeless, the quality of a tailored suit”, Spose & Stile

In recent years, even in Italy, home of great stylists and historic fashion houses. The traditional tailored wedding dress available in the best ateliers has been accompanied by a mass-produced dress, ready to size and characterized mainly by a particularly attractive price. Until a few years ago it was unthinkable for an Italian bride to buy her wedding dress online. Yet recent times have seen an increase in fast-fashion proposals with prices ranging between 500 and 1,000 euros, garments produced to be shipped and worn, in the hope that they somehow fit anyone. The tailor-made wedding dress is definitely another thing. It is a real artisan project that was born and comes to life specifically for a specific woman, based on her shapes and requests.

A tradition of high-quality haute couture capable of producing unique garments with cuts, applications, and embroideries appreciated all over the world. Packaging in pure silk fabric and test cloths involves work and dedication. And time, things that naturally affect the cost of production. And consequently, the selling price, which on average ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 euros. It all depends on what the bride wants for her wedding, uniqueness, and quality. And the professional service linked to image consultancy and tailoring logically increases the amount. In Italy, I have dressed hundreds of brides and understood thanks to them that you cannot put a price on the happiness of seeing your own desire fulfilled. So, since the wedding dress is only worn once and that time will be remembered forever,

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