How To Dress A Woman After 40 Years

The choice of stylish clothes that would decorate and present her figure in the best possible way, occupies the minds of women of any age. However, after 40 the question requires a special approach. It is important to choose things that will not look too age, but not too frivolous. The golden mean when creating fashionable female images in this topic is extremely important.

Landmarks in fashion for women 40 years

Examples from the latest collections of famous designers give us a direction to work on finding new outfits. The abundance of styles and unexpected design solutions allows us to put on almost any experiment with clothes. Of course, the degree of extravagance should be reduced with age, but the main thing now is not full compliance with the classical canons, but the ability to combine practical things well.

How To Dress A Woman After 40 Years

A casual style for inspiration can be a casual style. Contrary to stereotypes, it is relevant not only for young people but also for more serious women. According to the stylists, the presence of such additional areas as smart, chic and sporty will allow you to find yourself and create a completely updated wardrobe.

Tip: discard it!

The casual style, which is based on the concept of careless simplicity, has one indisputable advantage, advantageous for those over 40. The direction combines the brevity of the cut, convenience, the absence of elaborate elements and eye-catching decor – what women of this age category need.

Sports casual is more suitable for girls, as it involves the use of ripped jeans, styled as stretched T-shirts and other exaggerated styles. It is better to leave these things and focus on more serious models.

How To Dress A Woman After 40 Years

Costumes for weekday and leisure

A suit will become a comfortable and very elegant outfit. He can go with trousers or skirt. It is advisable to immediately pick up both products under one jacket. This will allow you to make several ensembles, changing just a blouse. The same jacket or jacket can be used in completely different ways:

  • with trousers and a simple business-style shirt for a smart casual kit;
  • with a skirt and a feminine blouse for a more romantic look;
  • with trousers and a warm jacket (sweater with a neck, turtleneck, pullover, and their analogs) for a looser, but still quite restrained attire.

If possible, complete the wardrobe with two different sets. One should be made of a relatively dense material of a dark neutral color, for example, blue-black or graphite. Let the second suit be of thinner and lighter fabric, perhaps of cotton with a share of flax or silk. So you can easily select a set for any weather.

How To Dress A Woman After 40 Years

Dresses for all occasions

Dresses for women over forty – a special theme. Summer models for rest can be absolutely any, but the styles for everyday life in the city just have to look reference. Suppose a cutout showing a clavicle, but it should not be too frank. Even if your figure is close to the ideal, try to choose not too tight models. It is better to dwell on fitted or semi-fitted midi lengths, especially when it comes to office wear.

It is also possible to wear a sheath dress, but it should sit well and be complemented by a jacket, jacket or jacket. If there are already suits in the wardrobe, look for a dress that would be beneficial to look exactly with them.

Pants for women over 40

The rule also applies: combine elegance and grace. Pants should emphasize the shape of profit. Choose a model depending on height and body type. Holders of wide hips should avoid skinny legs and excess volume at the top. Small stature can be compensated by straight cut and beautiful arrows. Excessive thinness will help disguise chinos with pockets.

Try to wear styles with a classic or overpriced fit. A model with a low belt is almost one-hundred-percent guarantee that, sooner or later, trousers will treacherously expose the back or over-tighten the hips, spoiling the impression of the image. Also, give up the close cut in the hips, choose the size carefully.

How To Dress A Woman After 40 Years


Often, several jackets or coats are hung in the closet, which is difficult to compete with existing clothes. Usually, this is due to a mismatch of style or cut, so chooses the most versatile models. Take a closer look at the stylish down jackets with fur trim for the cold and an unusual coat with an asymmetrical cut. They can be worn with a business holiday or casual wear. Choose the most neutral color and complement it with contrasting elements: gloves, belt, and handkerchief.

Fashionable and comfortable shoes

In the fashion of sharp-nosed shoes and shoes on a flat course in the men’s style. Shoes for office. Traditional heel for work should be no more than five centimeters. Such shoes perfectly complement the trouser suit or dress, without causing inconvenience. For city streets, look for stylish Chelsea – laconic, high-heeled boots with a small square heel. They will perfectly fit into a business or casual look due to the exquisite simplicity of design.

How To Dress A Woman After 40 Years

Accessories for women over 40

When choosing jewelry and additional elements of attire, you should look for elegant products that please the eye. Leave the rhinestones, too massive jewelry, and huge bags. Accessories must be no less elegant than clothes. Complement the wardrobe with neckerchiefs that differ in color, material, and size:

  • bright silk with floral patterns;
  • monochrome neutral color using multiple tones;
  • Cotton long or any other.

The main thing is the variability with which one and the same outfit can be easily transformed using just a couple of additional accessories.

Women after 40 it is important to dress properly to look younger and sleeker.

Casual wear does not have to be very strict and boring. A treasure trove of valuable ideas will be stylistic advice on creating images in a casual style. It is suitable for slender and full women over forty who want to learn how to dress fashionably.