Fashionable Demi-Season Women’s Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Fashionable Demi-Season Women’s Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Autumn is coming and it’s time to think about buying the appropriate outerwear. It doesnt matter what you get, the main thing is that the clothes are practical, comfortable and fit your style. But we must also take into account fashion trends in order to look stylish and maintain their image among the rest of the fair sex.

Let’s see which models of women’s demi-season jackets designers offer us in the fall and winter of the 2018-2019 seasons.

Fashionable Demi-Season Womens Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Fashion trends

In this and the beginning of next year, the trend will be the demi-seasonal clothing of bright and rich colors, decorated with various contrasting inserts, shiny rhinestones, and various embroidery styles. It also assumes fur parts, often performing certain functions, such as protection from the wind. Things will be presented not only from materials familiar to us, natural and synthetic, natural leather, both matte and glossy, will be used for sewing products.

In addition, the clothes will always include pockets, buttons, both plastic, and metal, as well as fasteners. It is better to choose models of medium or short length.

Fashionable Demi-Season Womens Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

The fashion of this season provides individuality and expressiveness. Do not be afraid to create vivid images to stand out from the crowd. In the trend will be presented trench coats with waist or volume. At the peak of popularity of original products, giving personality. Among them are parks that can be transformed, jackets, similar to bedspreads, products that have asymmetry in cut, as well as short vests of velvet. The sporty style will be presented by quilted items emphasizing femininity.

Fashionable Demi-Season Womens Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Leading fashion houses offer products of natural shades. When you come to buy, pay attention to the things of chocolate, yellow, light brown, red and orange colors. Not bad, if several shades will be combined in one jacket at once. Choose items that contain a variety of prints: a classic cage and a strip, drawings with ethnic motifs, as well as popular flower design for many years.

Fashionable demi-season jackets for autumn and winter of the current season

Fashionable Demi-Season Womens Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Leather jackets. They will be at the peak of popularity. In the trend jackets, leather jackets that came to us from the 90s of the last century. They are also performed in the classic version but are distinguished by the presence of a variety of jewelry, including pockets and metal buttons.

In addition to our habitual jackets, you can choose other things from genuine leather. They must be fitted and have an average length. Products contain fold-over collars and sewn pockets, rather voluminous. Rivets made of metal and made of different materials, large buttons are used as decor. The skin can be artificially aged.

Denim jackets. In fashion, everything is also a classic. Among the various shades, you should choose the colors of olive, blue and dark blue, beige and gray shades, as well as strict black. Popular will be models that have the illusion of aging or stitched from bleached fabrics with light scuffs.

Special attention should be paid to the cut of a denim jacket. In a fashion strict, straight and concise lines. Products can be complemented by a hood, sewn pockets with volume, a fold-over collar with sharp corners, as well as zippers and different shape clasps. Metal clasps and lacing colors are used as decorations. Short jackets with sleeves, called episcopal, will also be distributed. Near the elbow, he will draw a tape made of rough jeans (denim).

Bombers. These short youth jackets are very comfortable as casual clothes, suitable for outdoor activities and walk in the fresh air. They have a zipper, rubber cuffs, as well as inserts at the bottom, made of the same material.

Fashionable Demi-Season Womens Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2019

In trend use of different fabrics. In the classic version, the products are sewn of genuine leather, rough denim, pleasant to the touch suede or simple cotton fabric. Models with a shiny surface will be popular, atlas, silk or velour are actively used. To give femininity to the products, you can use various decorations: air lace, floral embroidery, and shiny sequins.

For late autumn or winter, it is better to choose models with a warm quilted lining, which have fur inserts. It should be bright and different in color from the fabric from which the upper is sewn. Products are decorated with contrasting inserts around the neck, cuffs, and also at the bottom of jackets.

What’s the trend

  • in the fall and winter of 20182019, demi-season jackets will be in fashion in bright colors with various decorations that will give them femininity;
  • Products made of genuine leather are especially popular;
  • In the trend will be jackets, leather jackets, jeans, as well as youth bombers.

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