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Functional Fashion – The Practical Features of Women’s Casual Shorts

Functional fashion, a style closely aligned with techwear, strongly emphasizes purposeful design. This approach caters to the wearer’s lifestyle and weather conditions. For example, it may feature pockets for outdoor activities or an elastic waistband that offers comfort.

Upgrade your wardrobe with versatile casual shorts that will elevate your everyday looks. Try wide-leg linen drawstring shorts with a relaxed fit or carpenter shorts in pebbled crepe that can even work for the office.


A key component of casual shorts for women is breathability, which ensures you’ll stay relaxed and comfortable even when wearing them during hot weather. The soft fabric will also keep you feeling smooth against your skin, making them a good choice for long hikes in the summer.

A breathable option that blends style and function with tailored elements like a high waistband with a secret ball pocket. Made from recycled polyester and 8% elastane, they’re an eco-friendly and comfortable addition to any wardrobe. A hint of stretch provides a range of movement, perfect for tourist activities and even hours of sitting on a long flight.


Fashion shorts are primarily designed for aesthetics and comfort, with features like pockets and waist closures playing a less prominent role than the performance perks of hiking or running shorts. Fashion shorts can be an excellent option for casual outings, but it is essential to remember that they will not breathe or ventilate as well as performance models.

Typically, hiking shorts are more extended than fashion and running shorts, but the inseam can vary depending on the style of the shorts. Hiking shorts will be breathable and will not typically need features like water resistance or sun protection, but they will need to be durable for long hikes. Often, hiking shorts will use bluesign-approved or recycled fabrics to help protect the environment while allowing you to enjoy nature.

Easy Care

Women’s casual shorts can be easy to care for when it comes to clothing. Because they are shorter than pants, they require less fitting and don’t have the same problems with leg seams that can cause discomfort or chafing. They also take up less fabric than other garments, making them an excellent choice for sewing scraps of cotton or linen that you might otherwise throw away.

Pair your favorite khaki jeans or dressy shorts with a button-down shirt for a casual and classy look. The loose, lightweight material strikes the right balance with the more structured bottom of the shirt. For a stylish look, button up the shirt. Leave it unbuttoned for a casual look, and roll up the sleeves below your elbows.


For those scorching summer days, you’ll want a pair of shorts that don’t weigh you down. But the quest for lightness often comes at a cost: Lower fabric density can mean more peep show potential, and accidental peep shows are something only some of us want to deal with.

Fortunately, lightweight woven shorts strike a balance between performance and casual style. These long shorts, for example, are the perfect choice for a laid-back bohemian look with sandals or to dress up with a fitted blouse and wedges. The wide-leg design makes these shorts an excellent choice for rock climbing or casual cycling, and the flat front flatters your figure for a polished look.

These lightweight hiking shorts feature herringbone fabric that dries quickly, a drawcord for dialing in fit, and a small zippered pocket inside one of the rear pockets. They can easily fit into a back pocket, making them perfect for camping and weekend getaways.


A good pair of casual shorts can take you from a day at the beach to an impromptu barbecue. Look for styles that fit well and flatter your figure. A beat-up pair of denim shorts with a wide waistband can make your legs appear longer and slimmer, while high-waisted biker shorts can add a feminine touch to a tee or blouse.

You can also find a range of women’s shorts for specific activities like hiking or water sports. These typically have extra features like water-ready fabrics that dry fast, pockets that don’t flap in the wind or chafe, and waist belts that ride comfortably under a backpack hip belt.

For example, classic baggies have an elastic waist, a drawcord for dialing in the fit, and mesh-lined back pockets to drain water. The brand’s lightweight ReZion recycled nylon version is even more versatile, adding a key loop and a zippered pocket to secure valuables. Easy shorts have a pull-on elastic waistband and ample thigh room for comfort on walks or hikes. The shorts are made from cotton twill that’s machine washable and come in a wide array of neutral colors.

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