51 Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks to Try in 2024

51 Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks to Try in 2024

Turn heads in 2024 with the revival of a wildly popular ‘90s hair trend – wicks. Wicks are narrow sections of hair that are lightened or dyed near the face to showcase your best features. These free-spirited wick hairstyles infuse personality into any cut, adding flair and dimension through contrasting colors. We unravel 51 elevated yet effortless wicks locs ideas to inspire your next salon visit. From shadowed roots to vivid ombré, discover the leading techniques and hues for framing your face with the must-try wick hairstyle of the year. So whether you’re looking to dip your toe into blonding or go for a full-on funky color melt, explore the possibilities of chic wicks dreads, and more to make a stylish statement.

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Short Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Wicks for Short Hair: Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Wicks are a great way to experiment with highlighting without committing to an all-over bleach if you have a short haircut. Focus the lightened pieces near your eyes, cheeks, and around your part to make your features pop.

  1. Short Blunt Bob with Fine Blonde Wicks

Ask your colorist to paint on ultrathin baby blonde wicks from your temples down past your cheekbones for a playful spin on a blunt bob. This works best for those with straight, sleek hair textures. The lighter wicks contrast beautifully against dark locks.

  1. Angled Pixie Cut with Sparse Wicks

Make your pixie style shine by getting occasional wicks blended from your temples back towards the crown. Concentrate the wicks around the eyes and cheekbones for maximum impact. Have your colorist alternate between lighter and darker wicks for added dimension.

  1. Short Curly Hair with Subtle Bronde Wicks

Brunette curls gain extra shape and movement with bronde wicks painted throughout the front and sides. Ask for delicate ribbons of light brown highlights to complement your complexion. The goal is for the wicks to look seamless and natural.

  1. Tousled Pixie Wicks

Add irregular wicks to your tousled pixie cut for a playful bedhead texture. Focus lighter pieces around your part and face. The mix of light and dark pieces gives the illusion of effortless volume. Ask for sliced wicks for texture.

  1. Temple-Skimming Wispy Wicks

Drawing attention to your eyes is easy with ultra-fine wicks positioned at the temples. Keep the pieces whispy and angled towards your eyes for a flirty effect. This works equally well on straight or wavy short hair.

Half-Up Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Half-Up Wick Hairstyles: Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Half-up looks are among the trendiest hairstyles for 2024. Creating extra height on top helps balance facial features. Wicks look amazing when incorporated into half-up styles. Play with placement to customize the framing effect.

  1. Half-Up Space Buns with Blonde Wicks

Parallel blonde wicks along the hairline contrast against dark half-up space buns. Focus the wicks from the temples upwards for a fun Y2K spin. Keep hair texture soft and touchable.

  1. Half-Up Pigtails with Wavy Wicks

Frame playful pigtail buns with curved, choppy wicks in a lighter brown shade. Concentrate the wicks along the front and sides of the hairline before pulling hair into pigtails above each ear. Add texture spray for piecey definition.

  1. Top Knot Half-Updo with Swept Back Wicks

Show off your beautiful profile by sweeping back wicks away from your face and into a sleek top knot. Blend honey and buttery highlights seamlessly from the temples for a soft, natural look.

  1. Half-Up Braids with Subtle Face-Framing Wicks

Make your half-up braids shine by lightening ultra-fine strips along your part and hairline. Tiny touches of brightness open up your face and enhance your eyes, cheekbones, and smile.

  1. Half-Up Space Buns with Hidden Wicks

Conceal blonde wicks within messy half-up space buns for an unexpected pop of brightness when hair is down. Use slicing techniques when coloring wicks to encourage visible texture.

Long Layers and Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Long Layers and Wicks: Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Long layers get extra dimension when paired with strategically placed wicks. Try lighter ribbons of color around the front and sides to showcase your features. Vary the thickness and saturation of wicks for lots of depth.

  1. Blended baby light wicks on Long Layers

Buttery baby lights applied as wicks help long layers look sun-kissed and polished. Seamlessly blend ultra-fine pale blonde highlights from mid-shaft down throughout the ends. Concentrate brightness around the collarbone and face.

  1. Sparse Platinum Wicks on Brunette Layers

Make chocolate brown tresses pop with sporadic wicks placed randomly throughout the ends and framing the face. The sparse platinum pieces provide striking contrast on the layered locks.

  1. Caramel Balayage Wicks

For a soft, natural effect, opt for caramel balayage wicks melted from mid-shaft down to the ends of long caramel brown hair. The seamless blend of tones makes hair color appear dimensional rather than flat.

  1. Partial Foilyage Wicks

Amp up your long layers with a partial foliage technique to create wicks. Use a lightener or toner with foils only around the front hair pieces near the face. This leaves ends brighter while keeping roots dark.

  1. Blended Bronde Wicks on Textured Layers

Encourage extra volume and movement in long layered hair by lightening select pieces in a soft bronze shade. Concentrate the warmer wicks around the eyes, cheeks, and collarbone where the face naturally catches the light.

Curly Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Wicks for Curly Hair

Wicks are fabulous for opening up curly haircuts and adding shape. Strategic lightening accentuates curls rather than competes with texture. Avoid tightly wound ringlets around the wicks themselves to keep the color looking diffused.

  1. Temple-to-Chin Curly Wicks

Define your beautiful facial features by getting fine slices of curly hair lightened sweepingly from the temples to the chin. The blonde wicks will catch the light as your curls move.

  1. Subtle Copper Wicks on Red Curls

Boost red curls with warm copper wicks painted around the front and sides. Concentrate the brighter pieces near the roots for a fun ombre effect. The copper pops against vibrant red.

  1. Fluffy Curly Wicks with Babylights

Encourage maximum volume in curly wicks by lightening with a babylights technique. Tiny baby blonde highlights are painted throughout the front and sides for a fluffy, diffused color.

  1. Curly E-Girl Hair with Blonde Wicks

The E-girl look gains romantic appeal with soft ringlets and face-framing champagne blonde wicks. Keep curls loose, concentrating lighter pieces from temples to ends for contrast.

  1. Curly Shag with Caramel Wicks

A curly shag cut gets new life with buttery caramel wicks sliced throughout the sides and framing the eyes. The mix of hues makes the textured layers appear fuller.

Straight Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Wicks for Straight Hair

Wicks and sleek, straight hair are match-made in hair heaven. Precision placement and color saturation are critical. Ask your colorist to alternate fine and wide strips of lightness for lots of depth.

  1. Platinum Peekaboo Wicks

Peekaboo wicks make straight hair shine. Place sporadic ultrathin platinum slices randomly throughout the front and sides for a striking yet modern look.

  1. Piecey Side-Swept Wicks

Encourage extra movement in sleek, straight hair by lightening only the inner corners of longer face-framing pieces swept to one side. The strategic placement of wicks adds swing.

  1. Hidden Underlayer Wicks

Conceal unexpected wicks underneath sleek, straight hair layers for hidden brightness. The underlayer wicks peek out for a fun flash of contrasting color when tucked behind the ears.

  1. Microfine Blonde Wicks

Flatter straight hair by brightening micro-fine threads scattered horizontally across the front hairline. Concentrate the wicks across the eyes, temples, and cheeks for a soft effect.

  1. Cherry Cola Wicks on Black Hair

Make jet-black tresses pop with thin slices of cherry cola red wicks starting midway down the hair. The vivid color photographs beautifully against straight, glossy black hair.

Creative wick colors and styles

Creative wick colors and styles

While blonde is the most popular choice for wicks, you can get creative with vivid colors. Varying the thickness and saturation level of each:

  1. Purple Peekaboo Wicks

Make a fun statement by getting intermittent wicks in vibrant purple scattered randomly throughout your hair’s underlayer. These peekaboo pops of color shine through when you pull your hair back.

  1. Mermaid Wicks

Channel mystical mermaid hair with wicks colored in teal, seafoam, and aqua hues. Concentrate the ocean-inspired pieces around the face. Work with your colorist to create a custom blend.

  1. Rainbow Wicks

Express your colorful personality with thin rainbow wicks intermixed throughout your locks. Ask your colorist for a bright spectrum like orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet painted through the mid-shaft down to the ends.

  1. Hidden Wicks on Buzzed Hair

If you have short, buzzed hair on the back and sides, get creative with longer wicks left on top. Try vivid colors like pastel purple, bubblegum pink, or neon orange on the longer fringe pieces.

  1. Bold Red Curtain Wicks

Grab attention by lightening curved sections of hair sweeping back from your temples and behind your ears in a vivid cherry red shade. The dramatic curved shape is eye-catching.

  1. Geometric Wicks

Get edgy with geometric wicks sliced into triangular and trapezoid shapes. Outline the precision wicks with vivid colors like neon yellow or pastel blue against darker hair.

Wicks for highlights and lowlights

Wicks for highlights and lowlights

Wicks look amazing paired with traditional highlighting and lowlighting techniques. Mixing delicate flashes of lightness with all-over color multiplies dimensions.

  1. Baby light Wicks + Full Foils

Have your colorist hand painted thin baby light wicks along your part and hairline before applying a full head of woven foils. The mix of fine and broad highlights creates lots of depth.

  1. Balayage Wicks + Lowlights

First, do sparse, sliced balayage wicks radiating from the middle part outward. Then, apply chocolate brown lowlights for a dynamic contrast between light and dark.

  1. Partial Highlights + Bold Wicks

For the best of both worlds, get traditional highlighting concentrated from mid-shaft to ends only. Then, paint the top and fringe sections with electric blue sliced wicks.

  1. Shadow Roots + Bronde Wicks

Keep your regrowth seamless with darkened shadow roots against buttery bronde wicks focused around the face. Refresh the wicks as needed to maintain the definition.

  1. Dark Roots + Hidden Wicks

Show off your wicks when hair is down while concealing them in an updo with intentionally dark roots. Use root shadow to create an ombre transition between lightness and darkness.

Updos Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Wicks on Updos

Wicks look amazing, pulled into various updos like ponytails, braids, and buns. Styling hair up reveals the pops of color in a whole new way. Get creative with placement and saturation.

  1. Half-Up Space Buns with Curly Wicks

Pull curly wicks into playful half-up space buns high on the crown. Concentrate the ringlets in lighter honey blonde around the temples, cheeks, and nape for lots of contrast.

  1. Top Knot with Hidden Wicks

Conceal colorful wicks within a sleek top knot updo for an unexpected pop of brightness when hair is down. Use slicing balayage techniques for maximum visibility in the top knot.

  1. Braided Crown with Scarlet Wicks

Make your braided crown updo shine by incorporating thin scarlet wicks along the front hairline. The vivid color weaves through the neutral braid for an eye-catching effect.

  1. Blonde Wicks Ponytail

Pull wicks back into a voluminous ponytail to highlight the dimension. Use a texture spray to encourage wicks to stand out around the temples and nape against darker hair.

  1. Double Dutch Braids + Wicks

Incorporate caramel wicks into a double Dutch braid look. Position the buttery slices to sweep back with the braid from the temples toward the crown.

Bobs Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Wicks on Bobs

Wicks look fabulous on bob haircuts, wildly when styled sleek and straight. Precise placement at angles opens up the face. A-line bobs benefit from light framing around the eyes and jawline.

  1. Stacked A-Line Bob with Subtle Wicks

Make an angled A-line bob shine with seamlessly blended honey-blonde wicks painted diagonally back from the temples. Concentrate the brightness around the jawline.

  1. Angled Piecey Wicks on a Bob

Add lots of texture to a sleek bob with chunky sliced wicks colored in alternating tones like pale purple and silver. Concentrate the heavily saturated pieces around the eyes and cheeks.

  1. Curved Blonde Wicks on Bob

Flatter an A-line bob with bright blonde wicks applied in a fluid, curved shape that follows the angle of the perimeter. The contrast lightens up the neck and jawline.

  1. Inverted Bob with Nape Wicks

Draw attention to the nape of the neck with lighter wicks only placed at the back of an inverted bob haircut. Leave the pieces around the face dark for contrast.

  1. Platinum Money Piece Wicks

Amp up a blunt bob with eye-catching platinum money piece wicks concentrated at the front hairline. Keep roots and ends dark for maximum impact of the light pieces.

Ombre Hairstyle Ideas for Wicks

Ombre Wick Ideas

Ombre coloring looks beautiful when featured only in the wick sections. Ask your colorist to concentrate the fade from roots to ends within the fine slices framing your face.

  1. Shadow Root Ombre Wicks

Get a striking yet natural look with shadow roots that melt into buttery ombre wicks around the face. Ask for a soft mix of beige and ivory-blond tones.

  1. Bronde to Copper Ombre Wicks

Make brown hair shimmer by Ombring bronde wicks down to vibrant copper around the face—the mix of warm tones flatters warm, peachy complexions beautifully.

  1. Silver to Lavender Ombre Wicks

Have fun with cool-toned ombre wicks faded from gleaming silver to pastel purple. The icy combo adds a significant edge to straight dark hair.

  1. Neon Ombre Wicks

Express your colorful personality with ombre wicks that transition from hot pink roots to neon orange ends. The vivid look is perfect for festivals or events.

  1. Hidden Ombre Wicks

Concentrate the ombre effect underneath the top layers of hair for hidden brightness. Peekaboo Sunshine’s yellow-to-white wicks underneath add a secret dimension.


What is the process of getting wicks like?

Getting wicks involves lightening selected thin slices of hair near your face using highlighting techniques like foils, balayage, or baby lights. Your colorist will weave or paint the lightener on precisely. Wicks can be tailored to your exact hair color and placement preferences. The process takes a similar amount of time as traditional highlights or lowlights.

How often do you need to get wicks touched up?

Touch-ups are needed every 4-6 weeks as the wicks grow out so the brightness remains fresh and vivid. Schedule appointments based on how quickly your natural roots grow and how much fading you can tolerate. Things like hair texture, the shade of the wicks, and your initial color affect fading.

Should I get wicks on color-treated hair?

Wicks pair beautifully with color-treated hair as long as your hair is healthy enough for lightening. The lightened face-framing pieces make bold hair colors like reds, pastels, and bright blondes look more dimensional. Avoid over-processing by waiting 1-2 weeks after coloring before getting wicks.

Do wicks work on thick hair?

Yes, wicks look amazing on thick hair types, especially if you embrace some texture. The key is asking your colorist for well-blended yet still-defined slices so that the wicks stand out. Slightly staggered placement helps wicks get lost within full locks.

Can wicks be done on short hair?

Definitely! Wicks on short haircuts like bobs, lobs, or pixies concentrate the brightened pieces around the eyes, cheeks, and temples where they can make the most impact. Short wicks should be kept very thin so as not to overwhelm your features.


With so many gorgeous wicks hairstyles to inspire your next ‘do, the possibilities are endless for swapping your style in 2024. Whether you go for barely-there baby lights or painted rainbow wicks locs, strategically placed pops of color refresh your look. So embrace the artistic freedom of wicks hair and make a statement with contrasting hues.

For flawless grow-out, consult a colorist to determine the optimal saturation and placement of face-framing wick hairstyles. Summer Hairstyles: Easy and stylish options let your natural beauty shine through while showing off your flair, invigorating your cut with vivid or subtle wicks and dreads to create a dimension that perfectly frames your gorgeous features.

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