Even science is interested in knitting

The craft of knitting has certainly enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years. These days it seems like everyone, from sporting celebs like Tom Daley to Hollywood hunks like Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, is jumping on the knitting bandwagon. And now even the world of scientific study has taken an interest in knitting. Research into the mathematical principles of knitting has revealed that this most humble of crafts may help engineers make the most of emerging technologies.

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Scientific Study

A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology has produced a report into their research, called ‘Unraveling the physics of knitting’. Their findings will help future technologists understand how the ‘craft’ of knitting can be applied to smart textiles in the fields of robotics and wearable technology.

By combining the practical nature of knitting with mathematics, the team were able to predict knit fabric responses. They were particularly interested in how different stitches and yarns can affect the elasticity of a knitted product. They are creating a mathematical theory of knitting that can be used in all sorts of surprising ways.

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A Boom in Knitting

Knitting has gained a great deal of popularity in the last decade as people have started to look for more meaningful, screen-free hobbies. People seem especially keen to do something that can help them feel calm and create a sense of achievement.

Knitting can also be a social activity, with knitting groups springing up all over the place. If you fancy learning how to knit but don’t know where to begin, perhaps you should start with knitting kits. These helpful kits come with everything you need for a single, simple project. The knitting kits from Wool Couture range from cardigans and sweaters to blankets, cushions, and baby items.

The underlying principles of knitting may prove incredibly helpful in the worlds of manufacturing and engineering. But when scientific reports use knitting to help develop ideas about the technologies of the future, all it tells us is what we already knew – this ancient craft is here to stay.

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