What Shoes to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans?

What Shoes to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans?

Straight leg jeans are a classic and versatile denim style that can be dressed up or down effortlessly. However, pairing the right shoes with straight leg jeans can sometimes be difficult. The cut of straight leg jeans is narrower through the thigh and leg opening than bootcut or wide leg styles, but not as fitted as skinny jeans. This creates a sleek silhouette that looks great with many types of footwear. Let’s explore what shoes to wear with straight leg jeans.

Shoes for Women to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

Women have lots of great options when it comes to choosing shoes to complement straight leg denim. Certain styles look particularly chic and elongate the leg line.

Shoes for Women to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one of the top shoe styles for straight-leg jeans. Choose a pair that hits right at your ankle bone for a leg-lengthening effect. Stiletto, block, or chunky heel ankle boots all work beautifully. Neutral colored leather or suede pairs are easy to dress up or down. Ankle boots create a slimming silhouette and sleek line when worn with straight leg jeans.

Some great ankle boot options include:

  • Pointed toe stiletto heel ankle boots in black or tan
  • Western inspired cowboy ankle boots with a walking heel
  • Lug sole or chunky heel ankle boots in brown or black
  • Flat ankle boots with zipper details or harness hardware

Make sure to tuck straight leg jeans neatly into the shaft of ankle boots to show off the boot details. This creates a polished look. Ankle boots are perfect to wear with straight leg jeans for casual daytime activities like shopping or lunch with friends. They also transition nicely for nighttime when you want to dress up your look.


Loafers are another versatile shoe style to consider with straight leg denims. Look for leather penny loafers or menswear-inspired Oxford loafers with low chunky heels. Neutral tones like black, brown, tan, or burgundy work well.

Loafers have a preppy vibe that pairs nicely with the tailored look of straight leg jeans. This combination creates a crisp, polished look perfect for the office or weekend activities like brunch or running errands. Wear loafers with longer straight leg styles that graze over the top of the shoe. Cropped jeans that hit above the ankle can make loafers look clunky.

Ballet Flats

Every woman needs a pair of ballet flats in her wardrobe. They have a feminine, chic vibe that complements straight leg jeans beautifully. Neutral leather or suede options in black, brown, gray, or burgundy make them easy to dress up or down.

Ballet flats have an elongating effect and create a lean silhouette when paired with straight leg denim. They work well for both casual daytime activities or more formal occasions. Ballet flats can be worn with cuffed straight leg jeans to show off the shoes, or tucked under longer jean lengths. This flexible styling makes them a great choice.

Consider trying options like:

  • Classic leather ballet flats with a round toe
  • Suede ballerina flats with a small bow or metal detailing
  • Patent leather ballet flats for a glossy look
  • Pointed toe ballet flats for a sleek silhouette

Wedge Sandals or Espadrilles

Wedge Sandals or Espadrilles

Once spring and summer roll around, opt for wedge sandals or espadrilles to wear with straight leg jeans. Choose neutral, leather-strapped wedges or jute-wrapped espadrilles with a 3 to 5-inch wedge heel. These shoe styles have the leg lengthening effect of a heel while still being comfortable enough to wear all day.

Wedges and espadrilles have a laid back vibe that is perfect for weekends and vacations. Pair them with cuffed straight leg jeans or a cropped length that hits right above the ankle to show off the shoes. This creates a relaxed, warm-weather look. Wedges and espadrilles also transition well for evening with a nice top and some jewelry.

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots look amazing paired with straight leg jeans tucked neatly inside them. Choose a slim fitting leather or suede boot with a mid size 1 to 3 inch block or stacked heel. Black and brown are classic neutral options that pair well with denim.

Knee high boots create a leg elongating effect and sleek silhouette. They work well for casual daytime activities and dressing up an evening look when paired with straight leg jeans. Tuck slim fit or skinny straight leg jeans into the boots neatly to show off their shapely fit. For looser or wider leg jeans, have the hem tailored or cuffed to avoid bunching inside the narrow boot shaft.

Shoe Options for Men to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

Shoe Options for Men to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

Guys also have lots of stylish shoe options to choose from to wear with straight leg jeans. Certain silhouettes complement the narrow leg line best.


Boots are a classic go-to choice for men when pairing shoes with straight-leg denim. Chukka boots, Chelsea boots, or lace-up boots in leather or suede are perfect options. Neutrals like tan, brown, and black easily match different tops and jackets.

Boots have a masculine, rugged vibe that balances nicely with tailored straight-leg jeans. This combination works great for casual and smart casual looks. Make sure boots are narrow through the ankle and shaft so they don’t look clunky paired with the slim cut of straight leg jeans.

Consider styles like:

  • Sleek Chelsea boots in black or brown leather
  • Chukka boots in tan or brown suede
  • Cap toe lace boots in black or cognac leather
  • Simple round toe work style boots in brown leather


Leather oxford shoes have a preppy vibe that works well with straight leg jeans. Look for traditional lace up versions with a low profile sole in finishes like brown, black, tan, burgundy, or cognac. Oxfords look sharp and elongate the leg line.

By selecting slimmer styles or sizes that hug the feet, make sure oxfords won’t create a clunky silhouette. Pair oxfords with a tucked in button down shirt and crew neck sweater for a smart casual office look. They also work well to dress up a date night outfit. Opt for oxfords over more casual sneakers to elevate a look.


Like women, men can also embrace classic loafers as a shoe pairing for straight leg jeans. Penny, tassel, or monk strap loafers in leather are perfect for casual and dressy looks. Neutral, versatile finishes like brown, black, and tan are easy to match.

Loafers have a sleek, refined vibe that pairs nicely with tailored straight leg jeans. This combo is great for the office or events that require smart casual attire, like an evening wedding. Ensure the cut and hem of straight leg jeans complement loafers to avoid a clunky, mismatched silhouette.

White Sneakers

A clean pair of white leather sneakers is a modern staple shoe for men to wear with jeans. Simple top lace styles work well with straight-leg denim. Choose leather over canvas to elevate the look.

White sneakers are youthful, casual, and perfect for weekends and downtime. Pair them with a crew neck sweater or collared shirt. Ensure the jeans don’t bunch too much over the shoe’s toe box, creating a bulky silhouette. Tailoring the hem for a tapered fit can help avoid this. White leather sneakers transition nicely from casual daytime activities to meeting friends for dinner and drinks.

Derbies or Bluchers

Derbies or bluchers with slim leather soles also look smart with straight leg jeans. Opt for finishes like black, brown, tan, or oxblood that easily match different tops. This lace-up shoe style has a retro vibe while feeling modern and sharp.

Derbies and bluchers work well for intelligent casual office outfits and stylish weekend looks. Pair them with a button-down collared shirt or sweater. Make sure the jeans’ hem falls at the right spot against these shoes to avoid looking clunky. A tapered leg opening or tailored cuff helps create a streamlined silhouette.

Tips for Styling Shoes to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

Tips for Styling Shoes With Straight Leg Jeans

Keep these tips in mind when selecting shoes to wear with straight leg jeans for a flattering, elongated silhouette:

Match Shoe Silhouette to Jean Silhouette

Choose slimmer, sleek shoes with a streamlined profile that mimics the straight shape of the jeans. Avoid wide, chunky, or heavily embellished shoes that compete with the jeans silhouette.

Elongate With Heels (For Women)

Heels, wedges, and booties with a 2 to 4 inch heel create a leg lengthening effect when paired with straight leg jeans. Make sure heels aren’t too clunky or wide, which can shorten the look of legs.

Tailor Jeans Hem to Complement Shoes

Avoid bunching, folding, and stacking by tailoring the hem of the jeans to hit the perfect spot for each shoe type. Cropping, cuffing, or tapering the leg opening helps.

Select Versatile Neutral Shoe Colors

Select Versatile Neutral Shoe Colors

Black, brown, tan, gray, and burgundy shoes pair easily with tops and different washes of denim. metallics or bright colors can sometimes clash.

Balance Proportions

If wearing a loose, wide top like an oversized sweater, balance it with more fitted jeans and sleek shoes. Pair a voluminous midi skirt with tighter jeans and streamlined footwear.

Dress Up or Down With Styling

Certain shoes like oxfords, loafers, and ballet flats work for casual and dressy looks, depending on how other items are styled. Add some jewelry and heels for more formal occasions.

Mind the Occasion

Consider the formality of the occasion when choosing shoes. Sneakers and flats work for casual weekends, while oxfords and ankle boots are better for dressier events.


What are the best shoes to wear with straight leg jeans to make legs look longer?

Shoes like heeled ankle boots, strappy sandals, wedges, and loafers with a 2 to 4 inch heel visually elongate the legs when paired with straight leg jeans. A pointy toe also creates a lengthening effect.

Can you wear sneakers with straight leg jeans?

Yes, you can wear sneakers with straight leg jeans! Stick to sleeker leather lace up or slip on styles rather than bulky sneakers. Ensure the jeans’ hem falls at the right spot against the shoes.

What shoes should men avoid with straight leg jeans?

Men should avoid wide shoes with a clunky silhouette, like thick-soled boots, high-top sneakers, or heavily embellished loafers. These can look boxy and shorten the leg line.

Should straight leg jeans be cropped with flats?

Cropped lengths a few inches above the ankle look great with ballet flats, especially ones with a pointy toe. Another option is cuffing full length jeans for a similar effect. Avoid longer hems that bunch up over flats.

Can you wear bootcut jeans with heels or boots?

Bootcut jeans aren’t the most flattering pairing for heels or boots with narrow shafts. The wider leg opening is meant to fit over cowboy boots. Go for straight leg jeans which taper neatly into boots and heels for a streamlined silhouette.


Straight leg jeans offer a classic, versatile style that pairs well with many different shoe types and silhouettes. Certain shoes like ankle boots, loafers, oxfords, and ballet flats elongate the leg line and complement the narrow cut of straight legs. Other options like wedges, sneakers, and derbies work for casual occasions. When matching shoes with a dress, focus on choosing shoes in neutral hues that pair effortlessly, much like tailoring jeans hems and opting for heels to elongate your silhouette. With so many chic shoe pairings, straight leg jeans can effortlessly transition your look from day to night in style.

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