Five ways to wear a red leather jacket that prove it’s a wardrobe classic

There are garments (and prints) that we should never ever get rid of. The reason? They end up becoming fashionable after a few years. Among all the options we have, the red leather jacket is one of those designs with a boomerang effect that every X time accompanies us to enhance our outfits (whether spring, fall, winter, or summer). Here are five ways to combine a red leather jacket to save yourself on any occasion.

With sporty style pants

Although it may seem impossible, sports pants have become a daily classic, showing us that they blend in with any style and bring out the best in themselves. Combine them with a jacket of this nature and the end result will be unbeatable.

With wardrobe bottoms ( aka denim pants)

We know that the looks made up of wardrobe items never go out of style and the combination of jeans + red leather jacket gives us a wonderful result to wear

Create contrast with garments of another style

Create contrasts and amaze your staff: combine these types of jackets with delicate pieces such as a jewel-studded sweater or a silk blouse for originality to shine through.

It blends into the total look in red

The color red is cool, especially if we wear it in its entirety. The use of this type of jacket in a total color look can only enhance the final result and provide a different touch.

Opt for a leather look and decorate it with sneakers

Leather garments are cool, especially if they are combined with each other. Wear a red leather jacket with pants of the same fabric -in another color, better- and, in addition to creating a striking contrast, the style and originality will make a dent in you. To top off the final combination (and achieve a sum cum laude result ), wear simple trainers.

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