Today we discover how to combine black shoes, offering a series of looks and perfect tips for men who always want to be fashionable and in step with the times. The black shoes for men are a must-have accessory, which must never be missing in the male wardrobe, because they are suitable for showing off on different occasions and, in addition, they combine with different looks and outfits.

In fact, black shoes are perfect to show off with an elegant and rigorous look suitable for formal occasions and ceremonies, or, on the occasion of informal events for which it is possible to show off a casual and comfortable outfit. Furthermore, as far as the color palette is concerned, men’s black shoes are easily combined with both pastel shades, such as gray, and with darker and more intense shades, such as brown, dark green, and midnight blue.


The black shoes for men are perfect to show off with a classic and elegant look, ideal for ceremonies or important events that require a strict dress code.

Our style advice is to choose a faded model shoe in black shiny leather to combine with a classic deep blue suit, white slim fit shirt, and tie that matches the color of the suit.

Another sophisticated combination with black shoes is with the black dress, for an impeccable and absolutely chic total black look.


The black shoes for men are perfect to show off with a casual, informal, and, at the same time, refined look.

The black shoes can be combined with a slim fit or skinny fit black or dark green chino trousers, a shirt, and a simple, one-color and crew neck sweater.

While, for those who love to show off a casual look with a vintage and retro mood, the advice is to combine black shoes with brown ankle-length trousers, preferably in corduroy, and a sweater with a relaxed cut and a soft-colored fit. dark gray.


For denim lovers, black men’s shoes are perfect to combine with jeans, both in their light and darker versions, up to total black.

But that’s not all, because with jeans and black shoes it is possible to create different looks, from casual chic and refined to more street and sporty outfits even in total denim.

In the case of black moccasins, our fashion tips are to opt for a refined and dandy look: soft light jeans on the thigh, shirt or sweater, and an elegant jacket; while in the case of black lace-up shoes, our advice is to combine them with dark skinny fit jeans, a soft ribbed sweater, and an oversized black coat.

For those who love the rock and grunge style, we recommend choosing black lace-up boots and combining them with skinny jeans, a sweatshirt, and a biker-style jacket all total black.

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