Eboy Outfits: How to be an Eboy

Hairstyle, clothing, and various types of accessories are the main aspects that we must take into account when adopting an E-Boy style. Now, we are going to see point by point so that you can take note of what you should wear as an E-Boy.

The clothes

As for the way an E-boy dresses, it is basically wearing a lot of chains, that’s right, chains on your jeans, on the wallet on the neck as a necklace …

Another key aspect in terms of the way of dressing, an E-boy boy should adopt a minimalist style where black and white predominate, although you can also opt for dark jeans.

The black or white sweatshirts are the best allies of the Eboy, that combined with black pants and chains hanging on the pants.


Among the key accessories of the Eboy are characterized as we have mentioned in the chains, but also the septum and other types of earrings such as in the ear.


The type of hairstyle of the Eboy does not matter so much as long as it has a disheveled and sloppy look. In addition, they can also wear a dark-colored wool hat.


Another feature in terms of appearance that most Eboys have, but not all, is the fact that their nails are painted black.

Tastes and hobbies

As for tastes and hobbies, and in this they coincide with the E-Girl, they are mainly video games, anime and technology. Not forgetting the fondness for watching videos on TikTok and YouTube, where they are his favorite social networks.

More information

With these keys, you can change your style and be an Eboy, since it is more of an emo style but with the basic rules that can be observed on TikTok.

This new style in the way of dressing is a trend currently followed by especially teenagers. Basically, it is a very different style from the traditional one that boys with their own personalities tend to adopt.

This style, as its name usually indicates, tends to be much more liked by E-Girl girls since it is a fairly similar style and according to both trends.

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