A perfect smart casual look for any occasion

The words “smart” and “casual” do not always fit comfortably together. It might even seem impossible to fit both definitions at the same time. People interpret the smart casual look in so many different ways that it can be difficult to decide exactly which items of clothing will work and which ones will not. Are jeans ever acceptable? Is a shirt or a sweatshirt most appropriate?

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You should be looking for an informal look but nothing that could be deemed as scruffy. It is a supremely versatile look, so you have plenty of options with which to experiment. Blazers, smart jeans, short-sleeved shirts and jumpers are all part of the look as long as they complement each other. Here are some tips for getting the style right. This is very important when you are planning a night out with the lads in some Cheltenham Nightclubs on the weekend.  To take a look at some options you could try businesses like https://www.undertheprom.com/ who have stunning settings for you to have a great night.
Let location lead the way

The best approach can be to let the location or occasion steer you toward the best look. When heading out for a day at the office, it is certainly preferable to move toward the smart and veer away from the casual. Even when there is no clear dress code, you can’t go wrong with high-quality mens designer shirts coupled with some cotton trousers. This will always be preferable to jeans and a sweatshirt, which can look too casual and gives the impression that you lack a professional approach. For a trip to a country pub with friends, you can tone it down a bit.

Simplicity is always important in achieving the perfect smart casual style. Never combine too many textures and colours.

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Jeans can be smart casual

You cannot get away with jeans at work, but they can be incorporated into a smart casual look for certain social events. However, they have to be both the right colour and fit for the occasion.

According Debrett’s, the authority on British etiquette, jeans have to be clean and dark-coloured if they are going to be successfully integrated into a smart casual look.

Dark navy jeans work well with crisp white or patterned shirts. As an alternative, black jeans create a striking and more formal look. Very dark jeans are always a good option as they look more like trousers and therefore smarter.

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