How to Successfully Wear a Short-Sleeve Shirt

Short sleeve shirts are becoming more popular as the weather heads toward spring. A short-sleeve shirt is an ideal compromise between formal and casual. It has more style and formality than a basic T-shirt, and a short-sleeve shirt in the right fit can be wonderfully stylish for any occasion.

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Short sleeves are normally reserved for casual days, but there is no reason that you cannot also wear them in a formal setting such as an office as long as the fabric is right. Pair a short-sleeve shirt with smart trousers or chinos or even dark denim jeans for a smart yet casual vibe.


The buttons on a short-sleeve shirt can say a lot about the wearer. Some men like to leave the buttons open at the top, while others prefer to button their shirt all the way up. For men who are larger, a couple of open buttons can look more relaxed, while slimmer men might look better with more buttons done up. Small patterns also work with buttons done up, while large patterns look best with buttons undone.

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The patterns on a shirt can make or break it. Plain shirts with short sleeves can look great in an office setting or when you are feeling more formal, while patterns can have more of a holiday vibe.

You can find all types of patterns and designs at high-quality online and offline stores such as, along with all the big brand names such as mens Farah shirts. With spring just around the corner, it pays to keep your eyes on fashion magazines and newspaper articles to see what types of short-sleeve shirts are in fashion for the warmer months.

Shape and Fit

A shirt can look different depending on the fit. Keeping the bottom of the shirt reasonably close-fitting to the body gives you more options and looks smarter. More fitted sleeves will also take the shirt to a greater variety of places than big, baggy sleeves.


The material of your shirt is perhaps the most important part. You can opt for linen or cotton, poly cotton, silk or terry cloth. You can never go wrong with pure cotton or linen. Both are extremely versatile fabrics that can feel cooler in the summer.

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