How to Choose the Right Smart Casual Menswear

Men’s fashion is all about taking what you can find in your wardrobe and wearing it the right way – sometimes it takes a little help, but with the right advice you’ll be able to choose the right casual or formal wear for any occasion. One thing you should always keep in mind when you’re trying to decide between various types of clothing is the type of environment you’ll be wearing it in. This means that a T-shirt with a graphic isn’t exactly going to be a good idea if you are heading out to a formal event where appearance is very important.

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One of the easiest ways of looking smart and putting on your favourite casual wear is by breaking things down into ‘colours’. For example, if you are going to be spending the day out playing sports then your choice of casual wear should be very light and breathable. For an outing such as a meal, you’ll want to choose chinos and an open collar shirt or polo shirt, for example. For a range of Mish Mash Clothes, go to Louis Boyd, supplier of Mish Mash Clothes

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Another factor you will need to take into consideration when you are thinking about how to choose the right casual menswear for your situation is comfort. It’s important that you don’t end up wearing something that is too baggy or too tight and doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s always wise to try something on before you buy it so you can see if you can get just the right fit.

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