Tommy and Lenny go on tour

The words multi-talented are bandied around quite a lot these days. For the most part it’s not really warranted but in the case of Mr Leonard Albert Kravitz, Lenny as he is more commonly known, it’s justified. He’s been making Rock, Pop, Blues and Funk for about 30 years now and doesn’t look like stopping. He’s also tried his hand at a bit of this acting business. He was pretty good in the Hunger Games film as China, the fashion designer who is secretly working to disestablish the state and aid the district 13 competitors.

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One of his most famous outings in the world of music is the Freedom tour that he put on in 1999. It was a massive undertaking and these things cost a huge amount of money. Lucky for Len then that he had the benefit of a big time sponsor in the shape of Tommy Hilfiger. The fashion icon soon recognised that they had a pretty good clothes horse in the shape of Mr Kravitz and it was a great way to push the brand. Nowadays huge international tours aren’t so important to clothes promotion. Just ask DesIgner menswear Ireland company EJ Menswear everything happens online now.

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It’s not stopped Lenny. He is rated as being the 93 best Hard rock artist ever. Ok that was out of 100 but he’s still done pretty well to get in there. His best track is “Are you gonna go my way”. Other than that it’s a cover of “American Woman”. Just give him a quick look on Spotify or Apple Music and you’ll get the idea.

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