The Nintendo is not just for hands, also goes on your feet

Many Disney Princesses and even junk food, that’s what has given us Vans lately in some of its more outlandish collections (there are more, of course), but for Nintendo maniacs, nothing. Until today!

Because if saccharine Disney stories are not your thing, but if you are the colorful worlds and rescue princesses, it is clear that the Nintendo universe if you will. You and thousands of gamers to throughout the world. For you and for them is the new Vans collection, inspired not only in characters like Super Mario, but also mythical consoles like the NES, or even the “pixels” games of yore.

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Because, yes, we have seen countless times to Nintendo characters in clothes and accessories, but perhaps too childish (or too “imitation”), and shoes Vans offers us this time is just that want to see on your feet.

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And not lack detail because, as I say, on the classic designs of sneakers, the Classic Slip-on or the SK8-Hi can see and choose from the NES controller as stamping, mythical characters like the mustachioed plumber, Donkey Kong, Princess Peaches, a good assortment of mushrooms and stars and even those pixels commenting or ducks superimposition mega classic and Duck Hunt.

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It is clear that the Big N gamers already have their footwear collection. And no, I do not think we’re talking about objects unachievable collection, prices are the usual models of Vans, so if you are one of those who were always thinking of jumping pipes and crushed mushrooms, turtles and carnivorous plants, here are your next slippers.

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