most expensive handbag

Here are the most expensive handbag in the world sold for $ 300 thousand

A Herms Birkin bag has become the most expensive in the world, after being sold at auction by Christie’s for an exorbitant amount.

One of the models Birkin of Herms, the Nile Crocodile version, officially entered in the ranking of the most expensive bags in the world, ranking at the top of all after being sold for a record price of $ 300,168.

Before the crocodile Birkin Bag, the record belonged to another diamond pattern Herms, sold to the sum of $ 222 thousand. A dream comes true for the buyer that bought the model in an auction conducted by Christie’s, the largest auction house in the world. Made of a fine feathered albino alligator is embellished on the clasps and iconic padlock which characterizes all of Herms Birkin bags by 245 diamonds.

most expensive handbag
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Matthew Rubinger, senior vice president of Christie’s Asia, said: “It is a true rarity and this is an important factor in determining the price and making it become a collector’s item”. Herms fact produces each year only one or two versions of this kind.

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most expensive handbag
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The Birkin is one of the models that made the history of fashion, the views of many celebrities arm, which have become true and proper collectors. Not by chance you think that behind the purchase millionaire you can conceal Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, but there are also those who say that the stock market is already over in the UAE.

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