Dressing for summer evenings

 Dressing for summer evenings

Summer is a great time of year for spending time outdoors in gardens and parks. The hotter summer sun makes for a much more pleasant experience than during the winter months. When it comes to choosing your clothing for the summer it is important that you think about the activities that you are going to be doing and thinking of the time of day you are going to be out.

Whilst during the day you might want to pick clothing that helps with keeping you cool and that will protect you from any harsh sun that is around, during the evenings you might want to have an extra layer that you can put on to keep warm.

Depending on the time of summer you might want to look at some of these summer evening outerwear options:

  • Aran Sweaters – these are a great option for the colder months, but they are also a great choice when it comes to having something with you for the chilly summer evenings. They are incredibly comfortable and will go with almost any outfit. These sweaters can be pulled on over a summer dress or a t-shirt and shorts. You can find some great options from places like Shamrock Gift
  • Shawls – in the height of summer you might want something a little lighter for the evenings and a shawl can help to take the chill off your arms but won’t cause you to overheat. You can find some great choices that are made out of material and some that are made from wool. If you are a craft lover you might want to try knitting or crocheting one of your own.

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