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Tricks to make your brown hair dye last longer

We share the secrets with you so that the brown color of your hair remains intact, radiant, and soft, without having to dye again!

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The chestnut shades are the goal for almost all kinds of Latin skins but, although it seems simple, it’s not a dye easy to keep!

Many times it fades into reddish or greenish hues and it is necessary to paint again, which causes the hair to be damaged and thin. So that this does not happen to you, we share the most effective tips to take care of your brunette hair, through top remedies, products, and treatments!

1. Attention with washing!

Washing the hair every day, without special products for dyed brown hair, deteriorates the dye and even weakens the follicles.

The best alternative is to use dry shampoo and wash every other day, always including treatments that preserve the brown color of your hair for longer.

And yes, there are shampoos and conditioners, to moisturizing masks, such as the Forever Brown line, from Professional By Fama, which revives and fills your brown with natural gloss (for months).

2. Oil with protection

Sure you know, but still I’ll remember: The sun exposure bleaches and dries the hair more than you imagine, and, therefore, it is necessary to apply a capillary protector with FPS, which also has a moisturizing formula to balance the moisture natural of your mane.

Opt for spray oils, since you can carry the travel-size version in the bag and its application and touch-up are much easier.

3. Homemade mask

Using natural ingredients is always a good idea for hair, and more so to keep the color intact!

We recommend making a mask with 1 cup of black tea, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of coffee, and ½ cup of natural yogurt so that you apply for 20 minutes and get an intense brown tone and brighter than ever.

4. Nutrient bath

If you want to achieve brown hair very durable, it is mandatory to give it a boost of repair and force every certain time. We love applying a hair botox every 2 months, as this cocktail of nutrients provides incomparable shine and softness.

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