Keep your white clothes looking fresh

Nothing looks smarter or more stylish than a crisp white shirt coupled with a smart pair of trousers. But how can you keep that shirt looking like it has just come out of the box? White clothes can quickly look yellow, creased or stained and once they are damaged it can be impossible to revive them. Here are five simple ways to keep those white items looking fresh.

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Watch when you wear them

There are times when it isn’t sensible to wear white clothes at all. Cooking is a typical example. No matter how careful you are, some food will inevitably end up on that crisp white shirt. Aprons can help but they do not cover sleeves and cuffs, leaving them vulnerable to staining.

Public transport can be hard on whites! You cannot know who has been sitting on the train or bus seat before you. A lot of people use public transport to travel home from work and can contaminate the seats with their dirty work clothes. Either cover up a white shirt with a jumper or save it for when you are using your own car.

Invest in high-quality items

Buying cheap and poor quality white items is a false economy and will end up costing you money. After a few washes they will look yellow and will need to be discarded. Instead, invest in a few high-quality white shirts and they will last you for years.

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Store whites correctly

As soon as you get back to your Park Homes Gloucester accommodation that you sourced from links like from your day out wearing your white shirt , think about how you are going to store them. Don’t pack them into a closet too tightly as this could damage collars and cuffs. Never store white shirts next to dark clothes, such as suit jackets, as the colour could transfer.

Use an effective stain remover

According to laundry expert Stephen Anderton, dishwasher powder can be good at removing food-based stains as it contains anti-oxidants that break up the food particles making them easier to remove from the fabric. Alternatively, get them professionally cleaned at a laundrette.

Don’t forget the iron

Ironing may seem like a chore that you’d rather avoid but it is a great way of keeping white garments in top condition. The heat of the iron removes the creases and makes a shirt look brand new.


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