How to Wash Linen Sheets

How to Wash Linen Sheets Properly That Really Works

Linen garments have an innate elegance. We sometimes shy away from them for fear of getting dirty. In this article, we explain how to wash linen sheets properly so it is impeccable.

How to wash linen sheets properly?

The liner is comfortable summer clothes, which is very convenient for making light and thin suits. Despite maintaining Liner products, there are some small details. Not all Liner products must be dry cleaned. First, read and wash the labels. Take proper precautions to wash linen items.

1. Read the liner before it falls into the washer. The correct way to do this is that it is okay to wash casual loose linen clothes with a beautiful wrinkle, and the cleanest clothes, such as a linen suit, should be dry cleaned.

2. Use the soft washer to wash Liner products and not wash them too long. Washing delicate linen products in pillowcases can provide better protection. If you don’t feel relieved, you can also wash them by hand. Linen fabric is a natural fabric. To avoid mixing in the washing process, wash light clothes and dark clothes separately.

3. Use a special detergent to wash valuable clothes in cold water. Make sure the detergent is completely dissolved in water. Otherwise, it will leave a brown stain on the light clothing.

4. Hang to dry.

5. Iron when the clothes are slightly damp, transfer the iron to the linen gear. Coating products can be ironed with hot steam. Liner products should be hung after ironing to avoid wrinkles.

How to Wash Linen Sheets

This fabric is totally different from the rest of the most common textiles, especially when washing and drying. If we perform these tasks as we usually do them, the result will not be as expected, and obviously, the appearance will not resemble at all what it had when you bought it. This fabric needs to dry without heat and, to maintain the original texture, it needs to be ironed with extreme care. We give you all the keys, so you know how to wash and iron the linen.


In order to preserve its original texture, the linen cannot be washed and dried in a traditional way, since the fibers will remain softer and more flexible, and will wear out much more easily. A good way to wash linen bedding is to do it dry. However, if we do not want to spend too much on the dry cleaning, we can also wash these garments by hand so that the fabric suffers less than if we used the washing machine. Be sure to rinse the linen properly so that no soap residue causes possible stains.

This type of clothing should be washed with specific products that are not too aggressive. In the event that the linen is not natural or has embroidery, soaps with bleach can be used. In addition, if the clothes are dyed, it is better to avoid washing them at home and choose to take them to the dry cleaners so that they retain their original color with dry cleaning. If we are going to wash the linen by hand, the temperature of the water must always be warm or cold, because the only thing we will get is to shrink the fibers and therefore the garment.


Since flax wrinkles easily, the task of ironing will be somewhat complicated. A trick to facilitate ironing is to do it when the clothes are still somewhat wet so that wrinkles come out more easily. In this case, the temperature of the iron itself must be quite high. If the garment has embroidery, we will place a towel on it and iron over it to prevent it from deteriorating.

What you should know?

Wash: we can use them with bleach if the garment we want to wash is not natural linen or embroidered. Care: we must wash this type of clothing by hand or go to the dry cleaner to dry clean. Ironing: it should always be with the garment somewhat wet so that wrinkles come out better.

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